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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"Dirt 3 is a superb off-road racer that adds some great new features and improves upon its predecessor at just about every opportunity." - GameSpot.com

"It's a superb racing experience and shouldn't be missed." - IGN.com

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Get ready for DiRT 3! Race through the snow, rain and dirt and experience dramatic night races with the most amount of rally content in the series yet.

Express yourself in the stunning new Gymkhana mode, inspired by Ken Block’s incredible freestyle driving event, and upload your best runs direct to YouTube! Compete in iconic rally cars representing 50 years of the sport, from the classic Audi Quattro to the 2011 Ford Fiesta WRC, and take on all game modes in split-screen and competitive online multiplayer. Competing as a professional rally star you’ll enjoy intense racing across three continents – from the forests of Michigan to the infamous roads of Finland and the national parks of Kenya.

Powered by Codemasters’ award-winning EGO Engine, DiRT 3 features Flashback to rewind time and genre-leading damage. DiRT 3 is the ultimate off-road racer

Customer reviews



DDEMOLITOR | Nov. 27, 2014 | See all DDEMOLITOR's reviews »

Dırt 3 a rally game.Your will not only race against your opponents and also against the track.Thankfully on dirt 3 track types shows so much variety such as dirt,snowy and asphalt and all of them have noticeably different characteristics.There are also new rainy and snowy weather features on dirt 3 and customisable difficulty option from casual to simulation like driving.Also flashback feature is back. Beside racing dirt 3 has new point based gymkhana event to perform various stunts like spinning. doing donut and racing against the clock.Dirt 3 doesn't have so many cars but have much variety from standard rally cars to track monsters like suzuki sx4 hill climb.All these cars unlocked by earning reputation points on games career and multiplayer mode.Presentation of dirt 3 is definitely top notch ,game not really looks like really thing but really pleasing to eyes.Also rain and snow effect are very good and tracks and vehicles have many details.Dirt 3 is a really enjoyable experience and stands apart from other racing games on pc.


The Best Rally PC Game

Lupazzo | Oct. 13, 2014 | See all Lupazzo's reviews »

Dirt 3 is an amazing rally game, in this game you can drive on hundred or more cars, all the models and the texture in high quality are fantastic, the only problem are the loadings, these are really slow and if you don't have a good PC you could wait 2-3 minutes. I like this game because the cars seems real and the drive is spectacular. If you loves car games and you have got 19.99€ you MUST buy it! From his release are passed 3-4 years, but this game is still the best racing game.



FrozenFireCZ | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all FrozenFireCZ's reviews »

Dirt 3 is considered a very beautiful game with amazing gameplay and for some people, the best game in the series. I can even agree that the game is actually very good, but many people "hide" the major flaws that it has. Compared with Dirt 1 and 2, the graphical improvements really are notable, besides the improved gameplay and faster learning. There was a huge decrease in the Rally and obviously, the longer events, giving greater emphasis to the X games and the Gymkhana challenges, negative point for lovers of earlier games, especially Dirt 1. The big problem are the thousands of DLCs that in some cases you will be FORCED to buy if you really want to end the game, noting that the game has not yet been migrated to the Steamworks so even if you want to pay for all the DLCs, will be impossible for the time being. Not a bad game but I'd rather go with Dirt 2.


Amazing game

intrus18 | May 17, 2014 | See all intrus18's reviews »

I've played plenty of Racing games out there but nothing beat this one, Dirt 2 and Dirt 3 are among the best. Graphics, Performance, Multi-Monitor support, Sound, Feel of the car, Particles.. I can keep on and on, everything its top notch quality. The events are fun and engaging, Controller support its great and multiplayer works as it should. If you are into off-road racing, dirt racing (rally) then give this a shot, you won't be disappointed.


Probably the best rally game for PC

thesorrow47 | May 12, 2014 | See all thesorrow47's reviews »

This game adds so much gamemodes, cars and tracks that will keep you busy for a long time. The gameplay works fine and the multiplayer is cool, the only problem is that is games for windows live, but that will change when the service goes out. So keeping that in mind, you should play this great game.