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Third party DRM: Steam

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Be fast, be first and be famous as the race returns in GRID 2, the sequel to the BAFTA-award winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID. Experience aggressive racing against advanced AI and become immersed in the race with GRID 2’s new TrueFeel™ Handling system which powers edge of control exhilaration behind the wheel of every iconic car. The next generation of the EGO Game Technology Platform delivers genre-defining visuals and jaw-dropping damage as you prove yourself across three continents in a new, evolving world of motorsport. Earn fame, fans and fortune as you blaze your way to the top in intense, relentless races on licensed circuits, beautifully realised city streets and lethal mountain roads. GRID 2 will also set the new standard for multiplayer racing with innovative modes, an entirely separate progression system and deep integration with RaceNet, the free online extension for Codemasters Racing games. GRID 2 is racing, redefined.

Key Features:

  • The race comes alive with GRID 2’s TrueFeel™ Handling system for edge-of-control exhilaration

  • Prove yourself against advanced AI in aggressive, blockbuster races packed with wow moments

  • Conquer dynamically changing LiveRoutes™ where the race route changes on the fly for the ultimate test of reactions and supreme replayability

  • Blaze your way to the top of a new world of motorsport

  • An extensive and separate online campaign redefines multiplayer racing games plus full RaceNet integration

  • Powered by Codemasters’ EGO Game Technology Platform for jaw-dropping damage and stunning visuals, GRID 2 sets the standard for technical excellent in racing.

  • Race a handpicked selection of iconic cars that represent the best in automotive engineering from the last 40 years

  • Take on challenging licensed tracks, stunningly realised city streets and lethal mountain roads

  • Race Immersion Technology puts you in the race like never before

  • The long-awaited sequel to the BAFTA-winning, multi-million selling Race Driver: GRID

Customer reviews


Not as good as the first, but still good.

sergebelanger22 | March 24, 2014 | See all sergebelanger22's reviews »

In Grid 2, you will race your way through 5 seasons, each consisting in a variety of races and challenges.

The fun part is that there is a good mix of races. The downside is that you earn every car. You have a choice to make when you select the cars to win, however you can earn the other right after by doing a single race. So, in the end, you will earn every car and that will not be that hard.

However, the difficulty of the races vary a lot. the drift events that were quite hard in the first, are now ridiculously easy. And some other, like head-to-head hard incredibly hard.

There is a new type of races, named Touge, where you have to finish first, but not hit the other car. This is nice and this adds a bit of fresh air. There is also a demolition derby mode, but unfortunately this is not part of the solo campaign.

The sound and graphics are very good on a good PC. If you want, the cars can be damaged and affect your driving, which I personally love.

Globally, if you like racing games, you will not be disappointed. However, do not expect as much from it than from the first Grid.


Awesome Sequal

NFSRacer | Feb. 20, 2014 | See all NFSRacer's reviews »

I loved this game to the point that when I got it, I literally had chills running down my spine when I got to the title screen! SERIOUSLY and amazing game with drop-dead gorgeous graphics to boot! My only beef with it is the Single Player (SP) mode isn't as expansive as the first GRID, and the Multiplayer (MP) mode isn't very well populated, considering the game's age. Rather tragic for a game 4+ years in the making...


Great but has flaws.

hitatree | Dec. 30, 2013 | See all hitatree's reviews »

The driving in this game is fantastic it feels fluid and extremely fun. The tracks are very good also with a large enough selection. The cars are fun and the career mode has a good upgrade system (getting new cars). However I wished in career mode they hired the man doing narration for more than one day, the phrases started to get repetitive after one hour of career mode also he says some very stupid things sometimes. Once I was in a head to head race (2 competitors) and he said "Cmon let's try and finish in the top 3", in my head I was thinking "I am not that bad a driver!"

The customization is just ok, you aren't getting anywhere near as good as games like Forza. The customization is just picking a design you would like, then deciding which colours work with that design. There is no layers unlike Forza.

One thing that really annoyed me was the fact in custom events (E.G. Splitscreen) you can only use the cars you have unlocked in the career mode or online.

Lastly the DLC, in my opinion there is far too much DLC, I absolutely hate DLC and GRID 2 has quite a lot. The DLC is rather dear. The only free DLC they have is the Demolition Derby which is rather fun but has a MAJOR FLAW, every time I get into first place and I follow the track exactly I get pushed back to 12th for no reason, this is a huge bug that occurs regularly in that gamemode.

To conclude GRID 2 is a great racing game if you are able to deal with those above problems.


Good racer.

daraya79 | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all daraya79's reviews »

If You're expecting a real sim, then with Grid2 You will be dissapointed. However product of Codemasters is very good piece of arcade race game and gives a lot of fun. Completing cars, driving them and beating challenges is very enjoyable. Game looks and sounds amazing. Cars are detailed and they can be destroyed during a race. I think DLC are too expensive, based on base game's price but You don't have to buy them. Luckily Demolition Derby DLC is for free so fasten Your seatbelts and fire up Your "ride". Don't You feel a need for speed? In short: Enjoyable, arcade, nice looking racer.


Not Bad, Not Mind Blowingly Amazing

mossiprose | Nov. 3, 2013 | See all mossiprose's reviews »

I loved the first Grid game. And I totally love this game too. I find it is a little easy, a little more arcade racer than its predecessor. I do not feel this detracts from the game, just something you notice over time. It is amazingly beautiful, from detailed tracks to smoke effects that react to speed and environment. If you are a racing fan, I recommend picking it up, just know that it is fairly easy to win. Online play is fun, but a lot of people just screw around instead of race, more easy wins. At the time of writing this, the game is on sale for half price, this is an amazing value for what you are getting. So give it a shot.