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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Real World Racing Bundle contains the following:

  • Real World Racing
  • Real World Racing Amsterdam & Oakland DLC
  • Real World Racing RWR: Z

Real World Racing:

REAL WORLD RACING is a top-down racing game using high-quality aerial imagery that lets you race through the world's greatest cities!

Speed through London, Paris, Berlin, Rome and many other cities from a new and realistic perspective in a refreshing take on racing simulations.

  • Photographic Quality & Immersive Enviroment

    The use of high resolution aerial photographic images with 3D terrain enhancements, weather conditions and lighting effects guarantees a stunning visual experience.

  • Accurate driving simulation

    REAL WORLD RACING delivers faithfully modelled car parameters and physics simulation for the best control experience yet in a top-down racer.

  • Career, Online Multiplayer, Special Challenges

    With a full-fledged career mode, online multiplayer up to 16 players and special Online challenges, REAL WORLD RACING really keeps you coming back for more. Compete in a variety of events ranging from Slalom courses to arcade-like Checkpoint races.

  • A wealth of content

    Find your favourites among 80 cars, each with its very own driving style and swappable liveries, 50+ tracks running along world-famous landmarks, 80+ career events and 50 collectible challenge cards are only a taste of what awaits you in REAL WORLD RACING.

  • A game that keeps on giving

    Developed by a small and dedicated indie team, REAL WORLD RACING is a live game, constantly updated and shaped by the playerbase, with free additional content planned and added regularly.

Real World Racing Amsterdam & Oakland DLC:

Add 8 new tracks and 4 cars to your collection with the Amsterdam & Oakland DLC.

A European capital and the first United States location in Real World Racing, paired with 4 specialty vehicles.

  • Run along the highlights of Amsterdam: through the city center, along and across its famous canals, in 4 exciting new tracks.

  • Rush for the best time around Oakland’s Lake Merritt and test your driving skills in this distinctively American urban setting.

Real World Racing RWR: Z:

Z is for zombies. Thousands of zombies, on the streets of London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona.

The world is down in flames and the ground soaked in blood. Racers just do not care. The streets are still clear enough and zombies are quite easy to run over. If anything, the end of the days makes for a better scenery and a healthy cash bonus for whomever dismembers the most bodies.

What’s better, the Hooper Shredder truck joins the roster, eager to grind zombie flesh.

  • 4 new zombie-ridden tracks set in London, Paris, Rome and Barcelona
  • The new Hooper Shredder truck
  • Zombie Carnage cash bonus on RWR:Z tracks

Customer reviews


Interesting premise for a racing game

michalmichal | June 1, 2015 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

The very premise of this game is pretty interesting - you get a fun racing game in the real world surroundings. Instead of designing tracks for the game, the designers used aerial photos from the real world, placing your races on real racing tracks. The game comes with the usual elements of a racing game - career, multiplayer, challenges, and even some surprising additions like... zombies. And this is where I become quite unsure about this concept - do you really need zombies in yet another racing game, which in addition is supposed to use realistic surroundings? On the other hand you can easily ignore the zombies DLC and play the rest of the game, enjoying that game as yet another typical racing game.