Borderlands 2: Siren Glitter and Gore Pack

Borderlands 2: Siren Glitter and Gore Pack on PC screenshot #1

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires Borderlands 2 (base game) to use this DLC


Enhance your Vault-hunting experience with a fresh new style! This pack contains the Phaselock and Roll head and Vaguely Outrageous skin for the Siren- look for them in the character customization menu!

Customer reviews


Should come with an air guitar animation

taigatsu | Feb. 15, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

If you're the sort of person willing to drop a dollar so that you can play dress up in your game, you might want to consider the Glitter and Gore pack. It's probably one of the more significant customization options available for the Siren. There's a definite retro, glam-rock style going on with the hair cut. I found it be a little less appealing than some of her other options, and its not for everyone, but it definitely stands out when you're playing on-line. The costume itself isn't particularly noteworthy - I guess its worth it if you feel there isn't enough pink in Borderlands. The whole thing gets bonus points though, for referencing a classic 1980s cartoon.


It's Full of Stars

CrimsonWizard | Oct. 11, 2013 | See all CrimsonWizard's reviews »

In this costume DLC, you can give your Siren a sort of retro 80's kind of style and color. Fairly pretty, though one wonders how all that hair doesn't get in her eyes. Anyways, if you like playing as the Siren, it's a decent enough costume with some nice extra details. If you enjoy that sort of classic look, then try it, it's only a buck.


It's so glittery

ConorEngelb | Aug. 9, 2013 | See all ConorEngelb's reviews »

This skin gives the character a substantial reskin, and the new hairdo looks pretty cool. If you're a siren player and you appreciate bright colours, this is worth buying.


I found this skin to be Unflattering, but sort of retro!

Kremlin_Krusher | July 17, 2013 | See all Kremlin_Krusher's reviews »

So the skin totally understates the character with the 80's hair style, but I dig how retro it feels. Makes me think what Borderlands 2 would of been during the 80's rock scene. While not my favorite character still worth a buy for the price. Gave it a 77 because it did seem a little old school and outrageous.