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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


"It's the best RPG of the year -- and maybe the best of the HD era." - 1UP.com

"Dragon Age: Origins feels like a real throwback to the good old days of PC role-playing epics." - GiantBomb.com

From the Makers of Mass Effect, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Baldur’s Gate comes an epic tale of violence, lust, and betrayal.

The survival of humanity rests in the hands of those chosen by fate. You are a Grey Warden, one of the last of an ancient order of guardians who have defended the lands throughout the centuries. Betrayed by a trusted general in a critical battle, you must hunt down the traitor and bring him to justice.

As you fight your way towards the final confrontation with an evil nemesis, you will face monstrous foes and engage in epic quests to unite the disparate peoples of a world at war.

A romance with a seductive shapeshifter may hold the key to victory, or she may be a dangerous diversion from the heart of your mission. To be a leader, you must make ruthless decisions and be willing to sacrifice your friends and loved ones for the greater good of mankind.

###Key Features

A Stunning World to Explore: BioWare’s deepest universe to date with over 80 hours of gameplay and four times the size and scope of Mass Effect.

Travel throughout dozens of environments and fully immerse yourself in a shattered world that is on the brink of utter annihilation An epic story that is completely shaped by and reactive to your play style Complex Moral Choices: There are no easy choices.

Tailor your Dragon Age: Origins experience from the very beginning. Choose from six different Origin Stories Decide how to handle complex issues like murder, genocide, betrayal, and the fate of a possessed child whose life rests in your hands. Full Character Customization: Sculpt your hero in your own image or fantasy.

Elaborate character creator with more than 40 features to modify allows you to create your own, unique hero unique from anyone else Shape your character’s personality and morality based on the choices you make throughout the game Engage in Bone-Crushingly, Visceral Combat: Battle against massive and terrifying creatures.

Unleash legendary powers chosen from over 100 different magical spells and skills Pull off devastating attacks and finish your opponents with rewarding deathblows Living game: Over 2 years of post launch content planed to enrich and expand your Dragon Age: Origins’ experience.

The main game experience is just the beginning! Seamlessly acquire new content to enrich your game or embark on bold new adventures. More post launch content than all other BioWare titles combined!

Customer reviews


Need more games like this!

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all PowerGreen's reviews »

This game is up there with Baldur's Gate as being in the history of great games. There is hours of gameplay in there even from just a single run - but you'll find yourself playing again just to experience a new character and take different paths through to a different ending.

Its a good rpg, with great voice acting, good graphics (though starting to look a little dated now), and that "wow factor" that is just missing from so many modern titles.

If you've never played it, just buy it - you won't regret it.



akaman16 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all akaman16's reviews »

I keep coming back to this game, it has become a game that I end up playing annually. I would put it as one of my top games of all time, its a great game just to immerse yourself in. I love the way the game makes you feel important and how every actions has an impact on the world, I also love the way you can make a character specific to you by choosing an origin story. my issue with the game is that I find the combat difficult at times and its very confusing to pick skills, but if your an MMO player you should have no problem in this area.


Good rpg game.

SkyorZX | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all SkyorZX's reviews »

Dragon Age Origin is an amazing fantasy RPG. How another rpgs, Dragon Age Origins have an enormous world with realist graphics that I am safe that will catch you. The story is also great because it is original and innovative, also you can make your own character with a settings to make it more interesting. About the battle system, you can choose from a lot of skills or spells that give you your own style of play. This game has given me hours and hours of fun with his amazing battles. Maybe there have other famous rpg, but certainly, Dragon Age Origins is great!


The Endless game!!

Dreamy | Aug. 12, 2013 | See all Dreamy's reviews »

This is one of my favorite games of all time! A game I keep coming back to, just to play another round where I can influence the world with the actions I take.. The game got a good story, lovely settings, fights, companions and much more. This is a game where you can play it over and over and still find it funny and experience new things, figure out new stories and a game where you got a lot of options that will decide your morals!..

This is certainly a game to get if you love RPG and love to get drawn into a universe where you are the one making the calls on how you want your story to go as the hero in all this!.


dragon age - review

Neapolis47 | Aug. 3, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

Dragon Age: Origins is the newest fantasy RPG developed by Bioware for, as in all games of this type, at the beginning the player will have to create your own character, choosing from the many races and class available, each of which will lead to a different conformation of the story, at least in the first part. For this the player will have the option to replay the game with different characters, and each time enjoy new stories. The plot is very well developed and although it follows a certain historical guideline, several will be the player's choices that will affect. The player at various points of the game will have to decide how to act in a particular situation, or will have to choose whether to kill or leave alive a particular character, which in the case of choice clement, will join us to help us fight the evil. The dialogues are well developed and never boring, and there are also occasionally, while we set forth within the various location always masterfully realized, the small sketch and spats between the various members of our party, depending on their affinity character . The game world is very vast and extensive, in which you can move through a stylized map very well designed and easy to understand and use. The gameplay is similar to the previous titles Bioware regarding this type, where there is the possibility to pause the game, to decide how best to act to tackle every fight, or even using the function to create custom tactics for each component of our party, so you will already know automatically how to attack a particular enemy or how and when to heal the wounds in battle, depending on the player's choices.