Dungeon Siege III

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"It may not be the Dungeon Siege you remember, but this stunning, story-driven co-op dungeon crawler is entertaining just the same." - PCGamer.com

"It's a modernised take on dungeon crawling that brings a few new ideas to the series." - Videogamer.com

For centuries legionnaires have protected the nation of Ehb until they were betrayed and all but driven to the brink of extinction. Now that evil has returned to Ehb the people turn to the few remaining Legionnaires for the protection of the past. As an heir to the legion will you accept this plea for help? How it will all be resolved is up to you!

Dungeon Siege III is an Action RPG that seamlessly blends intuitive fast-paced gameplay, a robust RPG system featuring a large selection of abilities, loot galore and the depth of story Square-Enix and Obsidian Entertainment are known for creating. Players will be able to adventure by themselves, on the couch with friends, or online in a fully multiplayer experience.


  • Use a large variety of weapons, special moves & magic
  • Lots of LOOT
  • Multiplayer: Up to 4 players online
  • Co-op play (one in each class)
  • Split screen offline
  • Jump in/Jump out Multiplayer
  • Player's actions impact the story and environment
  • Character's stories are different, but the ending is the same

Customer reviews


Dungeon Siege 1/2 fans beware, you might not be a fan

cappincrunch | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all cappincrunch's reviews »

This game is limited to 3 classes, but coop is still working so this could make for some great fun.

Unfortunately, this game lost a lot of points for 2 personal reasons:

1) Gender locking/Character Creation: One of my favorite parts of games is creating a character. My least favorite is gender locking. I'm a guy and I want to connect to my character and I can't do that as a female since I have no interest being a female. The only exception I have is if the story revolves around 1 character and the script and design is meant for a female lead (Tomb Raider.)

2) Limited Classes: Guns, Magic, and Melee. That's almost as bare minimum as you can get. Give me an archer, paladin, necromancer, ASSASSIN?! They tried to push all the voice-acted scenes and animations and left out the most important part of a game and it was not worth the sacrifice.


Okay game

Freako | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

I feel the game is okay and fine. I personally prefer DS 1 and DS 2 because the gameplay is more polished and has better User Interface.

DS 3 is slightly disappointing partly because the DS3 user interface and the gameplay feels different and not what a fan of DS1 and DS2 would like. Also multiplayer in the game honestly is broken and one should not purchase this game because of the multiplayer. Multiplayer is seriously bad.

I feel one should only buy this game if they are interested to continue the DS franchise. It's a great game fanchise honestly.


Fun and enjoyable

ficha13 | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all ficha13's reviews »

Dungeon Siege III is a really fun game, can't compare to the previous ones cause I didn't really play them, but I personally had a lot of fun with it. There isn't a lot i can say about the game, it's a hack and slash game in the vein of diablo and torchlight. If you like those games, this might be your cup of tea. If your a fan of the previous ones, check some other reviews on youtube or something. Some fans really did not like it, so better check a bit more before buying it!


Aint Dungeon Siege

Mscigniew | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Its a very fun game,and it should have a different title because nothing in it in any way resembles the Dungeon Siege franchise.Forgetting about the title we have here,very fun and colorful hackn slash RPG,with some never seen before,fresh characters.The game is very fun experience didn't really care about the story cause gameplay was so fun.There is ton of equipment,and even more enemies to us it on.If you like Hn S genre you gonna like it I did.


A good game by it self

drakso | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

The dungeon siege games are RPG games in a fantasy setting. But unlike the first two, dungeon siege 3 tries to advance the game on a whole new level. Some of you, that never enjoyed the older games would see it as a good thing, but the fans of the old games are not really happy with the changes. The game has decent combat system - Far better than the previous games, but it lacks the variety of items, gear and cities. Also the exploring in this game seems to be more linear than before. It is also a lot shorter than you might expect from a Dungeon Siege game. On the other side, the graphics and effects are really good and the soundtrack and overall sound are not bad. It is a very good game, but not representative of the brand.