The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Legendary Edition

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Winner of more than 200 Game of the Year awards, experience the complete Skyrim collection with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® Legendary Edition. The Legendary Edition includes the original critically-acclaimed game, official add-ons – Dawnguard™, Hearthfire™, and Dragonborn™ – and added features like combat cameras, mounted combat, Legendary difficulty mode for hardcore players, and Legendary skills – enabling you to master every perk and level up your skills infinitely.


  • Live Another Life, In Another World

    Play any type of character you can imagine, and do whatever you want; the freedom of choice, storytelling, and adventure of The Elder Scrolls comes to life in one legendary experience complete with added weapons, armor, spells, and shouts from all three official add-ons.

  • Dawnguard

    The Vampire Lord Harkon has returned to power. By using the Elder Scrolls, he seeks to do the unthinkable - to end the sun itself. Will you join the ancient order of the Dawnguard and stop him? Or will you become a Vampire Lord? In Dawnguard, the ultimate choice will be yours.

  • Hearthfire

    Purchase land and build your own home from the ground up - from a simple one-room cottage to a sprawling compound complete with an armory, alchemy laboratory, and more. Use all-new tools like the drafting table and carpenter’s workbench to turn stone, clay, and sawn logs into structures and furnishings. Even transform your house into a home by adopting children.

  • Dragonborn

    Journey off the coast of Morrowind, to the vast island of Solstheim.Traverse the ash wastes and glacial valleys of this new land as you become more powerful with shouts that bend the will of your enemies and even tame dragons. Your fate, and the fate of Solstheim, hangs in the balance as you face off against your deadliest adversary – the first Dragonborn.

Customer reviews


An Edition you want

tv_ | March 12, 2015 | See all tv_'s reviews »

I owned the Xbox 360 version and bought every DLC separately. I always buy it on PC too and this edition was well worth the full price and even more worth any sale price. You get it all.

Some may say this is an overhyped game...I say it's the only game so far in the series that can stand next to Morrowind.


An Absolute Masterpiece

MysticMatt | Dec. 31, 2014 | See all MysticMatt's reviews »

I owned Skyrim (the normal edition) on the xbox 360 and it was a great game. It is probably #1 on my top games of all time. However, now I own this version and it is even better. The graphics are well improved, it has mod capabilites (which I certainly took advantage of) and there is so much more to do now that I own the new DLC. This is pretty much exactly what I remember but now much more beautiful and much less glitchy. I do not regret my purchase. The only hastle that I had was modding it but since modding is not something that can really be related to the game, I don't see why I should hinder it for that. You might hit a bump along the way but it is near perfect. You can choose to Role Play the hell out of it or do a simple playthrough of the story, not caring about the immersion. You can mod it to High Hrothgar and make it a masterpiece in your own eyes or keep it vanilla and it will still be just as enjoyable. DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! I give this a 99/100 because it does indeed suffer from a few minor problems but nothing too gamebreaking that I had to put it down.


The Edition of Skyrim You Need To Have

emptyhaven | Nov. 28, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

Skyrim is a great and awesome game, and no one, and I really mean no one, should settle for anything less than THIS edition of the game. Not only do you get Skyrim, but you also get all the DLC packs that have been released so far.

The DLC expands your world even further, giving you more things to do. This really kept me busy, and the extra quests are well worth doing.

The world of Skyrim is among the best I've ever had the pleasure of exploring. The beautifully crafted worlds and dynamic people you meet along the way make this world feel very alive. I only wish it were a real world, that I could be traversing the streets of the town myself. Playing this game will have to do.

If you thought that the world of Skyrim was amazing, then you should definitely get the DLC. So why not get both? Highly recommended for everyone.


One of my FAVORITE games

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I like a lot of games, and I mean a LOT of games, but this game will last forever. Why? Well simply because we've got a million people (literally) working on mods for the game to enhance the experience EVERY DAY! But that's not what I'm here to talk about, I'm here to talk about the amazing experience that gamers all over the world have poured WAY too much time into. The Skyrim Legendary Edition includes the base game of Skyrim, and on top of a game that you can spend thousands of hours in, it includes the 2 epic DLC that add HOURS upon HOURS of extra gameplay, AND a DLC that allows your to build your own house! This review could literally go on for hours, and you'd be drooling over your computer by the time I finished it, and you'd have this in your cart, but I'm going to make this short, because I see about 32 other people have already done that. This game is amazing. Absolutely one of the best games OF ALL TIME. It gives gamers the complete and utter freedom that they want. They can do WHATEVER they want, and complete objectives in any way that they want to. Gamers can explore for hours and not even have a tenth of a tenth of a half of the map explored, and the caves seem to go on forever! The Additions Dawnguard allows you to either join a vampire faction, and attack the rebellion known as the Dawnguard, or you can join the Dawnguard, and fight against the vampires. This DLC will give you TONS of new items, and characters to meet. In Dragonborn, they literally give you a whole new land to explore in which you can sail on a ship to. It's a Morrowind-like land FULL of new places to explore, and items to find, characters to meet, and enemies to kill. This game is so huge, and gives the gamers that feeling of a video game that they will never beat!


The greatest adventure/second life

Doex | Nov. 5, 2014 | See all Doex's reviews »

This game is fantastic. Recommended to me by a friend in early 2012, I hired it out for a week on the xbox 360. I didn't see sunlight that week, I spent so many hour engaged in this epic RPG (and I don't play many RPGs) From there, I decided to buy/build my own pc, to run it on max graphics (and not annoy my parents 'hogging' an entire room) So I did, and bought this game too - only took 7 months. I remember it lined up perfectly with my break, so I gamed all day every day for weeks, it was the most fun I have ever had. The lore, the endless missions, everything. It was like a second life. I still go on after nearly 3 years, always a new mission. And whenever I wanted, I would start fresh - new race, new backstory, new way of fighting through. From stealthy archer, to mage, to warrior I roamed the country slaying dragons and exploring the landscape. Do not miss out on this experience - a MUST play. (Oh and there are some great mods too :D - adding a shit tonne; swords, armour, new npcs, followers, missions, cities, weather, beasts, music etc)