Frozen Hearth

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Frozen Hearth is a Real-Time Strategy game, blended with exciting RPG features to create a new experience for lovers of RTS games. Set in our own unique, Dark-Fantasy world-setting, you can play alone, or co-operatively with a friend, through an epic and brutal campaign. Taking on the role of a powerful Avatar of the heroic, individualistic Danaan; you will try to save them from certain extinction at the hands of an immense horde of ravenous ice monsters – known as the Shangur –driven ever forward by an unstoppable wave of moving ice and snow that consumes everything it shrouds.


Once you’ve mastered the many Skills, Spells, Structures, Units, and tactics in the campaign, you can test your skills against your friends in our wide selection of Player-vs-Player gametypes. Our Multiplayer game and map-types offer both well-loved favourites, and some new surprises of our own! Or of course, if you’re feeling confident, just jump right into the PvP action!

Key Features:

  • Traditional, Squad-based RTS core, with a unique and action-packed mix of RPG features

  • Co-Operative Campaign; Two players can play through the campaign over 20 maps, with hours and hours of play

  • Multi-player battles with many unique and well-known play modes

  • Play as either the warlike Danaan, or the bloodthirsty Shangur in multiplayer skirmishes and PvP

  • Heroic characters with skill-based character progression, powerful spells, and many hero items

  • Choose from and battle with 11 different base unit types for both the Danaan and the Shangur; infantry, cavalry, archers, spell-casters and more, many with special abilities and spells of their own

  • Streamlined base-building; with a single main structure that has up to 6 sub-structure slots – choose carefully from 12 different substructures to customise and refine your force with many, many upgrades and research options to choose from and change as needed.

Customer reviews


not bad RTS

madm0x | Nov. 16, 2014 | See all madm0x's reviews »

It reminds me of an old school warcraft 3 (not the story of course) but the play style you have a hero, and you play a dumbed down RTS system with units and buildings.. All in all pretty fun. What it lacks for in building up bases, it makes up for in a cool and somewhat in depth tech tree for units and your hero. Different abilities and stances for units makes a welcomed change to your rock paper shotgun Rts style of play. Overall I'd say a 6.5 outta 10 if your into RTS its on the lighter side. (Dont have to be a micro macro super giant)



CradleOfCorpses | April 14, 2014 | See all CradleOfCorpses's reviews »

Frozen Hearth is the Dark Souls of the RTS genre: damn challenging, at times infuriating, but rewarding to the persistent multi-tasking player. It's a shame there wasn't a bit more spit and polish before final release, because when Frozen Hearth isn't distracting you with oddities or omissions, it's actually a rewarding experience.