Heroes of Might and Magic® II: GOLD EDITION (NA)

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Having crushed his enemies, consolidated his power base and eliminated dissent at the end of Heroes of Might and Magic, Lord Ironfist settled down to rule the land of Enroth. After 25 years of peace, the land is again thrust into turmoil. Lord Ironfist is dead and the ensuing struggle for power between his sons, Archibald and Roland, has led to a state of civil war. Players must choose sides and gather their armies as they use all of their strategic wit and tactics to join in the battle for domination of the lands.

Key Features:

  • Heroes of Might and Magic, a multiple award winning game, pushed the envelope for strategy games with beautiful hand drawn graphics. In Heroes of Might and Magic II all graphics have been upgraded and expanded. The computer has been given a new AI full of improvements.

  • Heroes II now boasts an adaptable interface, changing its look and feel depending on whether you play a good or evil character. Playing the good side will give the player more access to healing and protection oriented spells and monsters, while playing the evil side will give access to destructive spells and foul monsters.

  • An unusually interactive campaign storyline combined with thousands of man-hours worth of cinematic cut sequences creates a unique atmosphere that draws the player into a fantasy world rife with noble deeds and base betrayals.

  • Players can now play up to 6 people instead of 4 via hot-seat, modem, network, direct connect and INTERNET PLAY.

  • In addition, two new character classes (Necromancers and Wizards), and new terrain types have been added, while the heroes' skills have been expanded to encompass everything from combat to movement and diplomacy. This adds an enhanced RPG element to the game, allowing players to continue playing certain heroes and advance their abilities through multiple scenarios.

  • A diverse range of features have been implemented, including approximately 40 campaign scenarios with unique 3D rendered sequences for each. Let's not forget the horde of monsters, spells, events and artifacts that made Heroes of Might and Magic so memorable. Heroes II now has over 50 monsters, 60 spells and 70 artifact types.

  • The Price of Loyalty expansion pack introduces 4 new campaigns and a slew of enhancements to the Heroes of Might and Magic II world. Control the course of an expanding empire in Descendants, or try your tactics against a horde of spell crafters in The Wizards' Isle. Discover new heroes and artifacts as you explore and conquer 24 new campaign maps. Or log in and go head-to-head or team up with your friends in 20 new standalone scenarios.

Customer reviews


Hours and hours of hot-seat mode

michalmichal | April 15, 2014 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

While Heroes of Might and Magic was the game which kept me addicted to its single player campaign, in the second game, Heroes of Might and Magic II, we spent lots of time with my friends playing together in the hot-seat mode. Even watching the others perform their actions and fight their fights was interesting enough to keep staring at the screen.

And now, years later, we can re-play the game with its expansion, The Price of Loyalty, which was unavailable to us back then. Well, I know it's not going to feel the same, but even if only for nostalgia, it's worth installing the game again and playing for some time.