Heroes of Might & Magic IV Complete (NA)

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Includes Heroes of Might and Magic 4 and its expansions: The Gathering Storm and Winds of War.

It’s All New. Period. The Reinvention of the Award-Winning Franchise. Heroes® of Might and Magic® IV is more than a sequel – it’s a celebration of both the old and the new. With an all-new game engine that features a new magic system, new campaigns, new Hero classes and gameplay that varies according to how you play, you’ll be amazed at how much the Heroes® you know and love has improved!

Players familiar with the Heroes series will immediately notice many improvements to the familiar interface and gameplay:

  • Now you can actively lead multiple Heroes into battle to fight alongside troops for an intense combat experience. You’ll encounter all-new Heroes and over 60 creatures in six massive campaigns and 24 scenarios.
  • With an all-new game engine, richly detailed isometric view, breathtaking graphics and intricate landscapes, the adventure comes alive! Heroes of Might and Magic IV combines the latest technology with the best features of the original classic.


  • or the first time ever, bring Heroes into battle as super soldiers in your army!
  • All-new game engine!
  • All-new isometric viewpoint and informative interface.
  • Tweak the new personal scenarios and Map Editor to make levels and quests for your friends!
  • Over 140 hours of gameplay and six unique campaigns.
  • 11 starting Hero classes and 37 advanced classes – choose the specific classes of each member in your army!
  • All-new magic system: Complete Hero customization at your fingertips!
  • 60 varied creature classes to control.

Heroes® of Might and Magic® IV: The Gathering Storm includes six entirely new campaigns which tell the tale of five Heroes and their quest to defeat a mad wizard named Hexis, whose control of the realms of both Nature and Death has begun a chain of events that threatens not just the Heroes’ own kingdom of Devonshire, but all the lands of Lodwar. As Hexis’s strength grows, so does his negative effect on nature itself… earthquakes, floods, storms and more have begun to spread across the kingdom, and it is up to the five heroes to stop Hexis and somehow reverse the damage he has done! This expansion pack includes:

  • Six new massive Heroes® of Might and Magic® IV campaigns with more than 20 new maps.
  • Four original fantastic creatures.
  • 16 brand-new artifacts.
  • New skillful Heroes for the campaigns.
  • All-new music track.
  • Heroes of Might and Magic IV Multiplayer Update!

In Heroes® of Might and Magic® IV: Winds of War, players are transported to the land of Channon, a large and populous kingdom occupying most of Axeoth’s northern continent. The shining capital city has become the target of no less than five invading armies who covet its lands and riches. Players assume the role of five conquerors, each staging their own uniquely driven invasion before facing a showdown for ultimate control!

This expansion pack includes:

  • New single-scenario maps created by the dev team as well as contest-winning single-scenario maps created by fans worldwide.
  • Six new Heroes® campaigns.
  • Three original fantastic creatures.
  • New adventure objects including six creature generators.
  • Additional Campaign Editor features, including a customizable object painter.
  • New storylines for the campaigns.
  • All-new music track.

Customer reviews


Great TBS Game

Smashbuttons | Feb. 17, 2014 | See all Smashbuttons's reviews »

A mighty and magical experience from a turn based strategy game.

Story: Following the universe of Might and Magic, this game takes you to a fantasy world that lives in conflict and it's inhabitated with all the creatures of the human mithology, the hellenics, the nordics, the egiptians, and many more, in a coherent world. There are many stories, each one from each faction and it has nothing to do with one another. All of them are complex, and really interesting, specially the humans and berserker factions.

Gameplay: The game it's extremely well polished, the campaigns are hard, but not at the point that make you not want to play it, and you can also play skirmishes that are fun as hell. The World map is the economic and movement part, wich is the funnier and better, the battle part it's pretty much who has the biggest or better armies, and it can become routine.

Graphics: For a 2-d Game, it's graphics are great. And the level of detail it's amazing.

Music and Sounds: The music is pretty good, medieval style, with folk and gregorian heart. It's inmmersive, but the tribal music on the battefields it's really boring, you will have to turn it off and listen to your own music. The

Multiplayer: It's enormously fun when you play it on "hot seat" with friends in one pc. The magic is that in a single PC, 4 gamers can be enjoying this thanks to the turns dynamic system. Really, it's like a whole new game, and can make you cry from laughter.

Innovation: Organinzes much better each race, each allegiance. The best thing ever it's that lets you play and command your heroes ON the battlefield, a thing that no other "Heroes" had, nor before or after this one.

Difficulty: Indeed, it's a really hard game, the campaign itself it's an enormous challenge, and it takes a long time to master the game itself.

Overall: Amazing game. If you're a Strategy fan, this HAS to be on your games library. Specially if you love the M&M universe!