Jagged Alliance 2: Wildfire

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Even if the regime is totally inept and corrupt, don't suppose for a moment that you as the liberator will be greeted with open arms.

JAGGED ALLIANCE 2: WILDFIRE brings you back to Arulco. The population is being terrorized by a reckless army. In the meantime the main export goods are drugs. Subversion and fraudulence has infiltrated all levels of local government and the ever-present Mafia has his fingers in many pies.

You are working undercover on behalf of the US government and your goal is to destroy the mighty drug cartel. You'll need a skilled hand to put together the right team of mercenaries and the negotiating skills of a diplomat to get the sceptical population on to your side. You'll also need the strategic genius of a general and the fighting tactics of a guerilla.

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One of the best games of all time... made even better

Gmen | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Wildfire is supposed to be a standalone expansion for the turn-based strategy classic, Jagged Alliance 2. But it is really more of a mod. Still, Wildfire improves upon the game in several ways.

There are new maps for most if not all sectors, all complete with redesigned buildings and foliage. The building density has been tightened up, rather than the somewhat sparse grouping of buildings like with the base game and inside the buildings there is more furniture and decorations. So while the game looks the same graphically, there is a more realistic layout that looks and feels like a proper town, which is more pleasing to the eye.

The tactical screen has received a noticeable makeover, with the colour and layout changed so things look a little better there too.

There are plenty of new guns and items for your mercs to find on the battlefield or buy, and use against Queen Deidrianna’s forces in Arulco. Most of the weapon portraits have been improved and look more detailed.

Underneath the new coat of paint, the game is still the classic it always was, and the gameplay hasn’t changed much -- which is a good thing. Basically put, hire mercs, liberate towns by eliminating enemy resistance, capture the town mines to secure an income, train up militia to defend said towns from being retaken, hire better mercs and buy better weaponry, and progress throughout the map doing this until you reach the very end. The story hasn’t changed either, but the enemy AI has been reworked and as a result the game is even more challenging than it was before.

The end result is a game that looks and feels pretty much the same as the game it enhances, but it isn't too different to put purists off. Fans of Jagged Alliance 2 and turn-based strategy alike should love this.