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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


In a distant land, long, long ago there once lived a prince who was righteous, just, noble and honourable – but confronted by incredibly evil lords. Dark and treacherous powers joined together to spread darkness and evil over the land and to banish the prince from the principality and the thoughts of his people. Then a spell by the lords banished the prince to another dimension - but not from the memory and hearts of the people. Some years later, a good magician opened a portal between the dimensions and the prince was able to return to his principality. From now on his task would be to drive out the evil lords from power and to allow peace and order to return. A bitter fight against the powers of evil is now imminent...

Key Features:

  • Two games in one, a gripping storyline with amazing characters in a living world of fantasy [RTS-Part in 24 exciting missions and RPG Part with 8 chapters and countless nerve tickling quests]

  • Skirmish RPG und RTS Mode with over 20 additional maps

  • Over 2,000 various weapons, equipment and magical items

  • Extensive multiplayer fun with companion and competitive matches over LAN and EarthNET™

  • Revolutionary graphics taking full advantage of Per Pixel Shader technology with automatic adaptation of the engine to fitted hardware

  • A brandnew Musical Score with over 75 pieces of original music

  • Completely 3D with a freely rotating camera

Customer reviews


They tried to do a good game. I really try to ...

segrand | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all segrand's reviews »

Long, long ago led a happy life Glade . Yes , there were some disagreements here and between them - and this one another cow abducted , and that someone Miss wolf beadle . There is , however tempestuous idyll . Until the time when everything went wrong . KnightShift is a real-time strategy . You think so probably that, as in any other real-time strategy put base , you train the army, bump into enemy territory , carved out its troops and smoke his village , ending the game. Well i .. Well, you're right. But ! Here, the basis of everything is milk. Literally - the milk . Starting the game you get a few cows , for which you need to take care , because only through them Your village will grow in strength. Another interesting element of the game , in addition to Slavic climates , is without doubt the RPG mode - if you want you can have an adventure worthy of a Slavic hero . I honestly really do not like this game . It does not look good, does not present playability . It is definitely a lot more games commendable . Behind the desire and the subject can boast . The rest are far too weak.