Magicka: Vietnam DLC

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

This content requires the base game Magicka on Steam in order to play.


Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if wizards were allowed to roam the jungles of war-torn Vietnam, attempting to bring peace and stability to the region by casting spells on all opponents?

Magicka: Vietnam features a lengthy challenge scenario that puts you in the combat boots and stylish robe of a Wizard GI. Venture deep into the Goblin-Cong jungle with up to three fellow soldiers in a heroic attempt to liberate prisoners from a POW camp and face off against deadly Vietnam themed enemies. Destroy enemy positions, escape the perils of the jungle and return safely to the evacuation helicopter (“Get to the chopper!!”).

Key Features:

  • Vietnam themed game world with a twist

  • 2 Challenge maps

  • New Vietnam themed enemies

  • Many new Vietnam era weapons

  • Stylish GI Wizard Robe

  • New Magick - Napalm Strike

  • Innovative and dynamic spell casting system with thousands of possible combinations

Customer reviews


Magicka With Guns

jazzelmejor | June 9, 2013 | See all jazzelmejor's reviews »

This dlc adds a robe, a new and short campaign and a challenge map. But its not only that. This will show you a different magicka, where you need to cover and use guns, use grenades or barrels to blow things and fight against goblins or trolls with guns, making the game a lot more difficult and fun. A must buy if you have magicka


Craziest DLC ever

jeliozver | Feb. 25, 2013 | See all jeliozver's reviews »

When I first heard about Magicka: Vietnam, I thought it must be some sick joke. And at some point i was right. Perverted, but it really came out and is very funny in its way. Vietnam is probably the craziest mini addon you'll ever play. Be sure of that. Magicka: Vietnam will throw directly into the jungles of Vietnam in the form of two-level sections in Challenges mode. First will throw in a linear map that have different purposes, such as to evacuate prisoners to dispose of enemy ammunition vietgoblini etc. While all the other level is reduced to one thing - your survival (you stand up to constant waves of attacks).Overall gameplay is unchanged! Perhaps the most significant differences are the new setting and the weapons machine guns, rifles and all sorts of firearms of that time, and the fact that there's barrels and vehicles that can be blown from a distance.The difficulty level is even higher. Now the creatures can launch Magicka bullets from a distance. But is it worth it to give $ 4.50 for a mini expansion which can be completed for no more than an hour? The answer largely depends on whether your friends are on hand with which you can play coop in Vietnam.


A great campaign

DukePaul | Jan. 21, 2013 | See all DukePaul's reviews »

Magicka is a weird and fun game and this expansion proves it, our wizards need to travel to Vietnam at war, when you land here, you will have a camouflage robe, a USA flag staff and the famous M16 rifle, use fireweapons with magic and avoid the napalm attacks! The campaign is a little short but with this scene and the awesome items you get, it is totally worth it.


A hilarious expansion to an already hilarious game

nairume | Dec. 10, 2012 | See all nairume's reviews »

Magicka: Vietnam is a hilarious expansion to an already great game that will leave you satisfied and laughing as you play through the game. The main meat of the add-on, the Vietnam campaign, is an incredibly well designed challenge map that will put all of the players magic fusion and puzzle solving skills to the test. While the difficulty could be off putting to those looking for a casual romp, it makes it all the more satisfying when you do manage to finish it. Aside from the campaign map, the game also includes a new character customization option of playing a soldier wizard that starts out with a machine gun, which is just a hilarious combination that would almost be worth it on his own. As it stands, Magicka: Vietnam is a must own if you are a fan of Magicka.


A fun DLC

das_regal | Oct. 6, 2012 | See all das_regal's reviews »

Magicka: Vietnam is not only a hilarious choice for a content pack in a fantasy game, but there's also a lot of good content offerings here. Item-wise, you'll gain access to new weapons, including an assault rifle which is easily my favorite weapon in the game. You will also get a mission to complete, which is hysterical in its own right and full of the same charm the main game offered in a much more compact form. I found this easier to play through than Magicka itself was.