Mass Effect 3 (NA)

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"Mass Effect 3 is an absolutely amazing game, one that successfully puts a bow on the Mass Effect trilogy while still leaving us hungry for even more." -

"Mass Effect 3 is a remarkably satisfying conclusion to a beloved trilogy, and a poignant and memorable role-playing action game in its own right." -

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Not everyone will survive. An ancient race known only as "Reapers", has launched an all-out invasion leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth Has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only one who can stop them.

The price of failure is extinction.You are Commander Shephard, a character that you can forge in your own image.

You determine how events will play out, which planets to explore, and whom to form alliances with as you rally a force to eliminate the Reaper threat once and for all. How you wage this war is completely up to you: go into combat with guns blazing or use cover to plan a more tactical assault. Utilise your squad to full effect or take a lone wolf approach. Rain death from a distance or go toe-to-toe with enemies using devastating melee attacks. Mass Effect 3 will react to each decision you make as you play through a truly unique experience of your own creation.


  • Large-scale and intelligent enemies: Battle enormous enemies and take on a smarter type of foe that will consistently challenge your best combat tactics and put you on the edge of your seat.

  • Massive in scope: Battle on many worlds across the galaxy as you unite the ultimate force to take back the Earth before it’s too late.

  • Large-scale and intelligent enemies: Battle enormous enemies and take on a smarter type of foe that will consistently challenge your best combat tactics and put you on the edge of your seat.

  • Unlock a customizable arsenal: Tailor each weapon with devastating upgrades including scopes, grips, barrels and dozens of other unique attachments. Each weapon boasts its own powerful impact and visual flair.

  • Unleash death from afar or go toe-to-toe: Customize your soldier and squad to engage the enemy on your terms. A huge variety of weapons, abilities and equipment allow you to combat the enemy in your preferred style of play.

  • Fight the galactic war along with your friends in 4 player co-op multi-player missions. Choose from a variety of races and classes, and combine their spectacular weapons, powers and abilities against overwhelming odds. Your success will have a direct impact on the outcome of the single-player campaign.

Customer reviews


Awesome yet heartbreaking

Scorpion200 | May 1, 2014 | See all Scorpion200's reviews »

This is by far one of the best mass effect games in the trilogy however it is also one of the most disappointing. The games integrates players into the mass effect universe very well, you feel like your decisions in this game make a difference, the story well developed and will make the player want to explore all the different decisions. The play style is very smooth the players will feel like they are actually using the different abilities and the transition between fighting and exploring areas is very fluid.The environment in this game is beautiful, even the smallest detail can be appreciated. The character development is also great making you relate to your characters and makes you want to get to know them better. The only thing about this game that i hate is that the ending destroys everything about this game. The last 15 minutes pretty much destroy your hope and dreams, i won't get into too much detail but if you do buy this game prepare to be very angry once you finish it.



dalbelo | April 1, 2014 | See all dalbelo's reviews »

This is a must buy trilogy! You will want to play all 3 ME games to get the full story. The story is VERY well written and the character development is done very well. I enjoy RPG/Adventures that have a lot of character building and encourage you to become attached to the characters so your reaction to events are more realistic and give a more immersive experience. This game also looks fantastic in 3D! This trilogy is a must buy for any platform!


Better Than People Say

chataolauj | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

The only reason why people hate it this part so much is because of the ending, but I actually liked the 3 endings. I tried all three and they actually made sense. There's always the DLC if you don't like the 3 endings. This is game is quite sad, as you have to make choices on your crew. If you didn't make the right choices earlier in the SERIES, as in part 1, then it'll be hard to keep some players alive. The only person that you can't save is Mordin because he chooses to sacrifice, and you don't get the option to help him out. Overall, this was a great ending to the series. Also, the last mission was a pain in the ass, but one of the best challenges I've had in awhile; or maybe I just sucked cause I died more than 20 times.


Fantastic trilogy, best of the series

hotaru33432 | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all hotaru33432's reviews »

The Mass Effect trilogy was one that will be remembered for years. The third installment in said trilogy was a worthy ending to such a fantastic series. Bioware upped the ante on this game through improved visuals, content, gameplay, and mechanics. The story, as to be expected of bioware and mass effect, was fantastic, the different aliens and weapons you could unlock or work besides turned me into a completionist. The multiplayer teases you with the item packs so much that it's addicting and you'll find yourself playing for hours. Genuinely a great game, and a great buy.


Amazing 3rd installment and ending to an amazing trilogy.

eXileris | Oct. 24, 2013 | See all eXileris's reviews »

Gameplay: Very fluid, there are even more things that can be done that has been implemented from Mass Effect 2.

Plot: The story is just amazing and epic. Take the ending with a grain of salt however and interpret it the way you think.

This game is a must-buy and core experience to an once in a life trilogy! DLCs are not required to truly experience the game.