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You love RPGs but you don’t care about dialogues and scenary? QuestRun is for you! Run through various dungeons in this tactical fast-paced game, try to go as far as you can with your heroes, die in agony and try again! Try new strategies, new heroes, choose new perils, and die anyway! Discuss your unfair death with your friends or complain on a forum!

RPG, action, tactics, pick the one that seems most appropriate! QuestRun brings a twist to the old RPG battle system. Heroes and monsters attack each other automatically. But still, you will always be busy: choosing which hero will face which monster, choosing which item belongs to whom, picking the right skill... There's always something to do!

Your main tool to beat the game. You are given a random 3 at the beginning of each dungeon with each one having its own characteristics. Some of them are strong, others have useful powers, some of them are lucky !

You will regularly have to choose between two perils. Hint - they all are nasty, pick the one that looks less horrible !

Pets in QuestRun share a passion: items. Simply drop an item on one of them and it will give you its bonus: life, weapon, potion...


  • 15 characters
  • 60+ monsters
  • 4 Main dungeons
  • 8 Side Quests

Customer reviews


A nice game

Cavalieroscuro | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Quest Run is a simple but funny rpg. The graphic reminds me abount Castle Crashers, the game is very short with only four main missions and several additional side-quests. There are several characters you can use, but the game set those randomly every time you begin a new game, to increase replay value. The price is short, so give it a try.