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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


Golden Joystick Awards:

"Battlefield 4 wants you--yes, you--to experience even more thrilling, more epic moments than ever before with a beefed up single-player story and the addition of map-changing levolution events and show-stopping destruction online." -

"DICE is the Mozart of war, and its mastery over sound continues to define Battlefield’s moment-to-moment richness." -

BF4 Premium


Only in Battlefield™

Battlefield 4™ is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory.

Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite™ 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefield can you demolish the buildings shielding your enemy. Only in Battlefield will you lead an assault from the back of a gun boat. Battlefield grants you the freedom to do more and be more while playing to your strengths and carving your own path to victory.

In addition to its hallmark multiplayer, Battlefield 4 features an intense, dramatic character-driven campaign that starts with the evacuation of American VIPs from Shanghai and follows your squad's struggle to find its way home.

There is no comparison. Immerse yourself in the glorious chaos of all-out war, found only in Battlefield.


  • Only in Battlefield can you experience Levolution, changing the landscape in real-time with interactive environments that react to your every move.

  • Only in Battlefield will you find the awe-inspiring power of the next generation Frostbite™ 3 engine, whose unrivaled audio and visual fidelity make your game more dramatic, more believable, and more human.

  • Only in Battlefield can you experience an unmatched level of all-out war that grants you the freedom to play to your strengths and carve your own path to victory.

  • Only in Battlefield do you have the power to dominate land, air and sea with all-new, intense water-based vehicle combat

Customer reviews


Best support ever

marinem16 | July 6, 2015 | See all marinem16's reviews »

BF3 by all means revolutionized the way we played and looked at FPS games in general. BF3 was one of the most played games when it came out and DICE accomplished that with this game as well. When the game came out it was pretty glitchy and had a lot of issues that made the game unplayable for a lot of people and in turn made people quit. However the support that they have been providing this game is amazing even in getting close to almost two years DICE is still fully supporting the game and coming out with constant patches and new content like guns and a map decided on by the community! They also have a program called Battlefield CTE in which they deploy quick updates and test them before issuing them to the general public. Battlefield CTE combined with the continued support from DICE has made it possible to still get into many of the original game modes on DLC maps almost 2 years after launch. Tell me of another company that has done this.


Great Scale

Soapmac72 | June 10, 2015 | See all Soapmac72's reviews »

The sheer scale of the warfare in BF4 is outstanding, but unfortunately it doesn't add enough to really change up the tried Battlefield formula. The Levelution feature is fun, but comes across as gimmicky. Vehicle combat is fun, but their armor seems to be made of paper. The weapons feel nice and punchy. Overall I would recommend if you liked BF3.


It got better, but it's still not good

sycomantis1991 | May 29, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

Battlefield was an absolute wreck of a game when it came out. It was horribly glitchy, you could never connect, and many people gave up immediately. Once all of this was ironed out, it became an ok game. It's still not very good or fun, but it's at least playable now and at least they went out of their way to fix its issues. They could've kept the millions from its initial release and done nothing.


How did they out-bore COD?

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

It's a nice looking game, I'll give it that. Everything else seems like a downgraded Modern Warfare game. The controls are wobbly, the movements are clunky, and the environments, while graphically impressive, are bland and not at all fun to run around and merc fools in. Like any shooter, it can be fun with friends, but as a solo experience, it's horribly lacking. Even if you have friends that play it, there are man more games, even many other FPS games that you'd have a better time with.



Cheese4395 | May 7, 2015 | See all Cheese4395's reviews »

This is my second Battlefield game that I've ever played and I'll be honest the game seems almost the same with only some slight changes in guns and maps. Single-player The single player was nice and fun but the main issue is the game has a huge glitch on the first mission I believe where you are unable to destroy a helicopter. This caused me to put down the game for months before finally loading it back up to finish the campaign. Somehow I was finally able to destroy the helicopter and move on with the campaign. The rest of the campaign was just like your typical fps campaign, short sweet and gets you used to the guns and gameplay. Multiplayer BF4's multiplayer is exactly the same as BF3. The only difference is maybe some different guns and maps but it plays the same. Don't let them fool you with a different skin. Didn't wow me.