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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


It is September, 1943. The armies of the 3rd Reich occupy virtually the entire territory of Europe. The lands taken by the Germans spread from Brest, a town on the western brink of the continent, to the suburbs of Stalingrad. Numerous resistance groups operate in the occupied regions of Europe. Using the tactics of surprise attacks and the support from local people, they can effectively confront much larger, better-equipped and trained troops of the enemy.

The British government dispatches one of its best commandoes to the Central Europe. Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine and Belarus are the countries where the resistance movements are most active. The Englishman’s tasks involve training and support for local guerrilla fighters in the most daring sabotage and diversion actions. Among others, you will embark on typical missions like blowing up bridges, assaults on enemy convoys to stack up necessary ammo and weapons. The player will also participate in a bank robbery, and last but not least – destroy a legendary facility producing V2 rockets!


  • Realistic combat gear and weaponry of WW II:: Sten, Mauser 98K and legendary Winchester M97 Trench Gun!
  • 8 complex game levels in the single player campaign.
  • Breathtaking diversion operations: blowing up bridges, bank robbery, destruction of a facility producing V2 rockets!
  • Fights in perfectly modelled locations in the Central Europe – including the Nazi-occupied Warsaw.
  • Powerful arsenal of the 3rd Reich: Tiger and Panzer IV tanks, remotely-controlled Goliaths, and Luftwaffe with Messerschmitt 109, Henkel 111, as well as Ju-87 „Stuka” aircraft.
  • Interactive game environment – you can lift and move objects and use the environment to help you prevail over the enemy.
  • Variable territories – forests, mountains, cities, even a moving train. Photorealistic graphics and magnificent audio effects supported by the Chrome engine.

Customer reviews


It's alright, but not that great

Cooberstooge | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

I enjoy quite a few of the titles City Interactive puts out, but the Battlestrike games aren't amongst their better offerings. They are decent shooters, but the environments don't strive to be original, and the guns aren't modeled as well as...say...those of Sniper: Ghost Warrior. These came out back when the company was still trying to pull above it's budget line it became known for, so there are some shortcomings. The killing is aplenty here, and if it's a mindless WWII shooter you're hungering for, you could do far worse than this game. There's FPS action mixed in with some on-rails mounted gun stuff, and the explosions are pretty good. The enemy AI is tends to be good, but every now and then, it gets a little goofy and pulls a Rambo. Graphics, sound, and control-wise, it gets the job done, but as it's a budget title, don't expect top-notch production values or choices. If you go into this one knowing what to expect, Battlestrike is a decent game.


Nice game, but could be better...

raphata18 | May 30, 2012 | See all raphata18's reviews »

I really like the graphics and the gameplay! The translation of some german dialogs help a lot. But the game have little bugs, one of them in the aim. I don't like the sistem of life, i prefer something like call of duty, a lot of shots, and you are dead. I disagree with " a shot, - life until you pick up a health kit". Although all of this, the game is very good, and just for 1,23 dollars! I really like WWII games! I RECOMMEND


Somewhat better than the first game

RaTcHeT302 | Aug. 18, 2011 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Gameplay is better than the first game but for it's times there have been many better games with good graphics, actualy good music and an actualy good plot. This is what this game is missing. The graphics could've been better but there are certain adrenalic parts in the game and some good ideas but in rest it's just bad.


Not bad for the price

72strat | June 13, 2011 | See all 72strat's reviews »

So it's obviously not CoD, but for a few bucks, it was worth a try. WWII enthusiasts may enjoy this little romp through the countryside, trying out a few different weapons as well as AA guns, etc. The AI was rather uneven, and there's really not much substance to the game, but I enjoyed killing a few hours (and Nazi) along the way.


What a horror

robertification | April 11, 2011 | See all robertification's reviews »

This is one of the most awful first person shooters I have ever had the displeasure of playing. It almost flawlessly copies Call of Duty, but in the worst kind of way. The graphics are awful, the gameplay dull and boring. There's not much variety too, but for this price you can't complain I guess. Your goal is, what a surprise, to defeat the Nazi's, in only 8 boring maps. The enemy AI is very low, they're very easy to kill, even on the hardest difficulty. Bottom line, if you like shooters, I doubt if you're going to like this one. I suggest you keep looking.