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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"AMAZING. Would you kindly play BioShock Infinite? Gameplay and the story combine for a majorly memorable shooter. 9.5/10" -

"Unforgettable. 10/10" -

"Incredibly, BioShock Infinite delivers on your years’ worth of expectations, then exceeds them. 5/5" -

"In every way, BioShock Infinite lives up to the promise of its legacy, and it looks poised to establish a new one. 10/10" -






Welcome To Columbia!

The year is 1912.

With the United States emerging as a world power, the floating City of Columbia is a mighty symbol of American ideals, launched with great fanfare to the cheers of a captivated public. But what begins as an endeavour of hope soon turns to disaster, as the city disappears into the clouds, its whereabouts unknown. The greatest accomplishment in American history has vanished without a trace.

The player assumes the role of former Pinkerton agent Booker DeWitt, sent to Columbia to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman imprisoned there since childhood. He will develop a relationship with Elizabeth, augmenting his abilities with hers so the pair may escape from a city that is literally falling from the sky. DeWitt will learn to fight foes in high-speed Sky-Line battles, engage in combat both indoors and amongst the clouds, and harness the power of dozens of new weapons and abilities.

Customer reviews


New City

Jericho417 | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

Columbia is one heck of a city. Where as Bioshock 1 and 2 were underwater, Bioshock Infinite is up in the clouds. I loved the atmosphere and the aesthetics. The people of Columbia felt like they belonged there, natives, instead of being cut and paste generic NPCs. The story was great, with twists and turns that made me feel like a bit of a creep (Sorry, Elizabeth!). Combat felt great, especially when you could use rails to zip around the battlefield. Learning about Columbia and the work that went on there was quite fascinating. The bizarre outcome of that work definitely reminds you that you're playing a Bioshock game.


A work of art

PootisMcPoot | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all PootisMcPoot's reviews »

Easily oen of my favourite games ever. The storyline is definitely one of the best (and THE most complex) around, and the lifelike characters, the absolutely stunning art direction, and thrilling gameplay really add to it. It is very heavily plot driven, make no mistake; the gameplay is the weakest part, not because it is bad (by any stretch of the imagination), but because the plot and the way the world is designed is just flawless. Much of the game is linear, which detracts a little from the plot device of having multiple worlds and infinite choice, but the combat feels finely tuned and visceral at all times, which makes up for a lot of those problems. The attention to detail seen in the surroundings, the music, and the world itself is second to none. Truly a masterpiece, and definitely a game that everyone who considers themself a gamer should play. I have played through the entire game 2.5 times already and have finished the DLC, which really adds to the experience.


Unique and Memorable

fuzeblu | July 10, 2014 | See all fuzeblu's reviews »

I was unsure when I first started this game if I would enjoy it. Coming from the original Bioshock, I knew it would take some convincing from this new, bright, high-flying world. And by some, I mean the first ten minutes. The style and conceptualization of this game blew me away. The world was vibrant yet strange, and you feel an odd, satisfactory sense of displacement and urgency that truly builds on the player's situation. As the story progresses you start to develop emotional ties to the people and characters, and the drama unfolds into a grand epic with a very interesting ending. The combat is standard Bioshock material, though I do feel it lacks in enemy variety and purpose. There is also a lack of problem solving and puzzles ( there are no hacking puzzles in this one, sorry guys). Player choice is also rather irrelevant, thought he story itself somewhat makes up for it. Overall, Bioshock Infinite is a fantastic addition to the series with some bumps here and there, and I fully recommend journeying at least once through this world.



77Bottles | July 4, 2014 | See all 77Bottles's reviews »

BioShock Infinite by Irrational Games is the third BioShock Game to come out. With it's great story, impressive graphics/art style and well made characters this game deserves the praise it is getting. The only two problems I have with the game is that you are not able to continue a game to collect all the knick knacks throughout and there is no real choice to the game, one just follows the story and sees how it plays out. Other than those two problems, the game is very immersive and deserves at least an 90


Pure Bliss

Rcoder97 | July 3, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

Bioshock Infinite is possibly my favorite game of 2013. The atmosphere is astounding, it controls well, the visuals are awesome, and the story is unbelievable. You are Booker DeWitt, a washed up agent sent to the city in the clouds called Columbia to retrieve Elizabeth who can open up tears. A man named Zachary Hale Comstock rules over Columbia and is the main obstacle to cross in order to get to Elizabeth. While short on guns, this game makes up for it by giving you plasmids giving you the ability to shoot fire, shoot electricity, grab people with water, spawn deadly crows, etc. The ending will drop your jaw as it did to me. Get this game.