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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Top 50 Title:

Top 50

"BioShock is the ultimate rarity: not only does it live up to its lofty promise, but exceeds it through simple, old fashioned talent and imagination - not to mention verve, style,class, wit, and sheer bloody-minded ambition." - Eurogamer

"BioShock's real strengths are as a compelling work of interactive fiction, and as a unique ride through a warped world with some great payoff built into its mysterious plot." - Gamespot

Welcome to Rapture!

BioShock - a first person shooter experience unlike any other, played out in Rapture, an immense underwater utopia torn apart by a genetic civil war. Explore a deadly but incredible art deco world filled with formidable technology and fascinating characters. You'll have a complete arsenal at your disposal, from simple revolvers to rocket launchers and flamethrowers. Challenge the constraints of nature by genetically modifying your DNA with injected PLASMIDS and embrace super human powers.

Key Features:

  • Biologically modify your body: send electric bolts storming from your fingertips or unleash a swarm of killer hornets hatched from the veins in your arms.

  • Hack devices and systems, upgrade your weapons and craft new ammo variants.

  • Turn everything into a weapon: the environment, your body, fire and water, and even your worse enemies.

Customer reviews


Great story

howard195 | Nov. 10, 2014 | See all howard195's reviews »

Picked this up in a bundle for less than $1. Since playing it, I realised this is a game worth paying at least $5. Doesn't sound like much, but this is coming from a guy who's pretty dang stingy. Doesn't feel so much like I'm just churning through levels, but rather progressing through a story. Little bit of good decisions vs evil decisions in the story. Great shooter made better by the plasmids. They remind of the force powers from the old jedi games. A lot of creative ways to defeat your enemy. Lots of good jump scares too. Worth playing.



RavenRayn | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all RavenRayn's reviews »

Creepy, Ominous, Unsettling, an Dark. These are words that can describe BioShock. The first time I saw this game, I was just a kid watching my older brother play shooting games with the occasional scare. Now, I just have to be amazed at how much this game still stands out in gaming. If you like a story, this is for you. If you want a good shooter, this is for you.


A flawed beauty

Lorddyran | Aug. 22, 2014 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

Sometimes models and beautiful women have beauty marks - imperfections that just make their good looks stand out more. This game has its flaws, but the quality just stands out further, despite or even because of them.

Gameplay-wise, it's a pretty tight shooter with some neat powers and character-building options. It also has a silly "hacking" minigame that many point out as a flaw, and it has Vita Chambers (basically save points) that are too forgiving. Don't come into this game looking for a raw challenge, but enjoy the finely-tuned shooting, setting on fire, possessing, freezing, and other powers.

Story-wise, it's very basic but incredibly well-executed. The atmosphere is engrossing, the audio journals let you decide how much you want to be involved in the personalities, and everything complements very well. You probably know there's a twist, but it's one of the best twists I've come across, in gaming or otherwise.

Presentation-wise, it's gorgeous, with well-executed sounds and graphics and exceptional art design. There isn't much bad to say at all.

Long story short (too late), the game is absolutely worth playing.


Love this Game

lunarei919 | Aug. 19, 2014 | See all lunarei919's reviews »

I put off playing this game for a long time and I admit to regretting that now. Bioshock is an amazing game for many reasons, though I will admit to some drawbacks. The game has an engaging storyline that will have you questioning your actions from the start. It’s set in a world that is so fascinatingly twisted that you can’t help being absorbed. Drops litter the map, forcing you to explore every nook and cranny, which was surprisingly enjoyable. The weapons and special “plasmids” you get in the game allow for a diversity in playstyle: would you rather just blow things up with a grenade launcher or convince one of those lovely Big Daddy’s to kill everyone for you. The atmosphere is creepy enough to still keep your nerves strung several hours in. I will admit, the controls take some getting used to. I can’t tell you the number of times I went to fire a weapon only to switch between them. You get better at it overtime, but it’s still frustrating early game.

Despite the one complaint, I’d still recommend this game in a heartbeat.


Story worth playing

yngdr | Aug. 14, 2014 | See all yngdr's reviews »

The game takes place in Rapture during 1960's. Like any society without rules, it fell apart. The developers did an amazing job with creating this atmosphere to completely submerge you into the game. The story is packed with relevant information that both helps and enhances the play-through. Packed into this game are great graphics with scarce ammunition and enemies that jump from nowhere, sounds lead to a spooky environment too. One of the greater twists of the game is the psychological aspect of the game delving into the mind of humans and what we are capable of given the wrong moral choices and views.