Borderlands 2: Game of the Year Edition

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


WITH BORDERLANDS 2 GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION, players can experience every epic boss battle, increase the level for each of the six playable Vault Hunters, play all of the additional campaign content, and enjoy hundreds of hours of shoot-and-loot mayhem at an extraordinary value.

Content included:



    • Captain Scarlett and her Pirate’s Booty

    • Mr. Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage

    • Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

    • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep


    • Gaige, the Mechromancer

    • Krieg, the Psycho



Customer reviews


A gun that shoots exploding swords?

Meistrikt | June 2, 2015 | See all Meistrikt's reviews »

Aside from the fact that the GOTY edition doesn't really contain every dowloadable content released for the core game, this is a pretty nice pack to pick up. The main storyline of BL2 is not something you can breeze through in one sitting, same goes for the 4 large story DLCs, making the experience last for 100+ hours. Two extra playable characters (rising the number to 6) and a lot of extra goodies are also part of this edition, making this the purchase you're looking for, if you haven't bought BL2, but always wanted to. Early bird gets the worm but the patient bird gets like 4 worms and a 20kg sack of bird seed, or so it seems.


Controls Better, Looks Worse, Even Less Interesting.

sycomantis1991 | May 15, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

In this game, you wake up in a blinding and ugly valley of ice with Claptrap screaming in your ear. It's almost as if the game is trying to warn you not to venture forth. Unfortunately, I did just that. My stepbrother owns this game, so I figure I'd give it a chance, I've heard it's "even better" than the first game, but I thought that was brutally overrated, but still, worth a shot with so many potential "brothers in arms" within the fanbase. The art went from weird and ugly at times to horrible in this entry. I'm not an artist at all, but I can still recognize quality art, and moreso I can recognize when something doesn't work, and at least to me, this doesn't. The coloring and linework is inconsistent, and the snow levels, which at leastthe first few hours exclusively take place in are just blinding light blue landscapes with triangles as little ice mountains. It's bad and completely unimmersive. The "comedy" is even worse to boot. I chuckled once or twice during the first game, but I literally got mad at how bad some of these jokes are. I will say that the gameplay is improved. it's still nothing special, but it's competent enough now to provide some joy and make you feel relatively in control of your weapons. Overall, I don't think I'll ever get the appeal of this series. Even taking my standards for art and humor out of the equation, it's still an uninterestin and substandard shooter at best.


Guns Galore

GenoLay1 | April 30, 2015 | See all GenoLay1's reviews »

Borderlands 2 is just... wow. The graphics are amazing and the amount of guns will turn even the most anti weapons fanatic over to the fmj side. God really let the light shine on the loot lovers with this one. Because if you like collecting, you'll never put this game down. Its quite frankly one of the best games i've ever played. This pc version is the true way to play, don't forget to grab your friends!!! happy killing!


Give this one a try.

Verlyn | March 24, 2015 | See all Verlyn's reviews »

I have to be honest here: it really took some time for this game to start growing on me. I knew I had to try it because I love RPGs and FPS, plus I knew this one had a good story and the graphics appealed to me. But being used to other kind of graphics made this a bit hard to like. After reading several comments on this game, I realized that the same thing happened to a lot of people and here is what I have to say to you: Have faith on this game, it is a great game. The graphics might be a bit weird, but you'll get used to that, plus the story is very good and most important of all, it is a very fun game to play. Whether you want to kill mobs, try and collect the best gear or finish the campaign, you will have fun doing any of this; and that is exactly what I want out of a game. Plus, when you buy this GOTY edition, you get all classes and a huge amount of DLC content. Great game, give it a try.


Funnier than the original

KingTed | March 14, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Borderlands 2 does everything Borderlands did but better. There are a lot more weapons and Pandora is still a gigantic place to explore with tons of sidequests to complete. The concept is simple : it’s an FPS Game mixed with Diablo. Most of the time you will loot every single place on the world map and have fun doing that. The story is even funnier than in the previous game and this time all the DLCs are included! The new characters, Krieg and Gaige, are excellent and very fun to play. There is nothing really new in this game but it's just so much fun to play. Borderlands 2 is the proof that this franchise is one of the best new IP of the past generation.