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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


"Fun combat and a steady flow of rewards make this journey a massively enjoyable one, especially with some fellow mercenaries along for the ride." - Gamepot

"With tons of weapons to find, a great co-op system, fantastic art, and a whole bunch of exploding bodies, Borderlands is worth your money." - Destructoid

Borderlands Game of the Year includes:

  • Borderlands

  • Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

  • Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot

  • Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

  • Borderlands: ClapTrap’s New Robot Revolution


With its addictive action, frantic first person shooter combat, massive arsenal of weaponry, RPG elements and four-player co-op, Borderlands is the breakthrough experience that challenges all the conventions of modern shooters. Borderlands places you in the role of a mercenary on the lawless and desolate planet of Pandora, hell bent on finding a legendary stockpile of powerful alien technology known as "The Vault."

Borderlands: The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned

The Jakobs Corporation would like to invite you to experience the splendor of a corporate owned small town known as Jakobs Cove. Any rumors you may have heard about the "undead" walking our streets are completely preposterous and we officially deny them all. If those rumors turn out to be true simply purchase a firearm from the conveniently located Jakobs Brand Vending Machines and aim for the head. Also, would you mind saving our employees? (Non-union only please)

*Borderlands: Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot *

Are you god's gift to gun fights? Think you're the best? Wanna prove it? Then help us celebrate the grand opening of Marcus Bank (a subsidiary of Marcus Corp) by killing hundreds and hundreds of people in Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, the only competitive arena around where your next of kin can be assured that you're coming back famous... or not at all. (All proceeds are kept by us)

Borderlands: The Secret Armory of General Knoxx

Borderlands goes to ELEVEN! You may have seen some games raise their level cap by 5, or maybe even 10, but with The Crimson Lance Assassination Squads wreaking havoc and Crawmerax the Invincible being all invulnerable and stuff we knew you'd need more than just 10. And that's why Borderlands goes to ELEVEN! The Secret Armory of General Knoxx adds new guns, new Class Mods, new vehicles, new missions, and increases the level cap by ELEVEN. Once you factor in all the new enemy types that need killing you're going to need eleven just to keep up. The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is an add-on pack for Borderlands that raises the level cap to 61, adds new guns, vehicles, Class Mods, shields, enemy types, and missions. In other add-on ever. Of all time. Forever. The End.

Borderlands: ClapTrap’s New Robot Revolution

It all started when the Hyperion Corporation decided it had enough of the greedy, haggling treasure hunters on Pandora. They were always selling, selling, selling and hardly ever buying high-quality, previously-owned munitions. This was acceptable when there was The Vault to hunt for and Eridian Guardians to clear out of the way, but now they were just a drain on the local economy and resources. Hyperion, like most corporations, was neither good nor evil. It was all about profit, and now the most profitable action was to unclog the drain. Of course, Hyperion already had just such a contingency plan already in place.

Customer reviews


Crazy Fun FPS/RPG/SCI-FI Game

Azrael360 | July 30, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

This game is incredible fun. From the start you can tell you're playing something really different, even though some aspects may remember other games like Fallout or RAGE, this one doesn't take everything seriously and goes directly to the action. With colorful graphics, good designs in cel-shading, unforgettable characters and fast gameplay, your adventure in Pandora will be epic, with friends or alone. Although the story is simple, it's the gameplay and its characters that make Borderlands really special. It's an FPS mixed with RPG elements. In the start you'll have to chose from 4 different protagonists, each one with their own special abilities and differences. And with this character you'll have to play the entire -big- campaign. You will level up, unlock new abilities and specials. You will have to travel -a lot- in Pandora, find new locations and missions, and for that, you will get rewards as loot to upgrade your equipment.

The Game Of The Year Edition includes all 4 DLCs, and from July 29 2014, that annoying DRM known as SecuROM included in some DLCs has been removed, forever! So if you like open worlds to travel, fast action, loot, and Sci-Fi with comedy, this game is totally recommended.


One of the Best Games + DLC

Rcoder97 | July 3, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

Borderlands is one of the best games out there, but with the addition of its quirky dlc makes it that much better. I've already reviewed the game so I'm going to talk about the dlc. Dr. Ned: This dlc is insanely fun. The atmosphere is creepy, the story is good, even the music is great! I loved this dlc. Mad Moxxi: This dlc is fun for a minute but I could only recommend playing it with friends. The bank is a lifesaver though! General Knoxx: This is the best dlc for this game. The environments are great, the story is so fun, also the reward at the end is the best ever. Claptrap: I liked this dlc because it was very different from the others. The story is fun but the environments aren't the best. Also it has a very lovely reward at the end.


Welcome to Pandora

Mscigniew | Jan. 13, 2014 | See all Mscigniew's reviews »

Borderlands is a FPS/RPG game,taking place on a planet called Pandora.The planet is occupied by bandits,vagabonds and all kinds of bizzar creatures.We start our journey as either a soldier,assassin/sniper,psychic or a tank and we become a "vault hunter",which is a treasure hunter.On our journey we gonna visit couple of settlements and towns,we gonna meet some pretty original characters,collect tons and tons of loot and kill a lot of enemies.The game is made in a comic-book style,and looks awesome!Quests are fun and so is the character development,One of my favourite games and GOTY edition has all DLC`s included,just buy it!


Perfection by DLC

xiluxpain | Jan. 10, 2014 | See all xiluxpain's reviews »

For those who have no idea what Borderlands is, Borderlands is a must for all RPG lovers out there. Whether or not you've ever played shooters, or even if you are usually against them, this experience will leave you wanting more.

This title offers a choice of four classes, each with their unique personality and phrases. Each of the four main characters offers another way to beat the game, adding replay value.

Characters aside, Borderlands brings you into a chaotic world where war, criminals, and hunters run wild. It is up to you to deal with the baddest.

The DLCs that come with this game will also enhance your gaming...

The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned bring you to into a world of zombies where there is oddly a reference to Scooby and his gang.

ClapTrap’s New Robot Revolution is another region where ClapTraps have revolted against humans, and it is your task to eliminate the threat. Both this DLC and the previously named will scale to your level.

The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is another world, one providing more challenges after the main story is won and over with.

To top it all off, Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot is an arena styled dome where can either fight waves after waves of enemies to test your abilities and claim prizes as you go. You can also store your most prized possessions in a bank.

As someone who was never a fan of RPG or shooters, this game kept me playing until the very last moment.


Shoot, Loot and Shoot Some More

Rhoobarb | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all Rhoobarb's reviews »

Borderlands is an action/rpg, first person shooter, set in a space western universe. The game in particular focuses on a frontier planet called Pandora. Pandora is a planet with civilisation on a steep decline as bandits, murderers, and generally bad people slowly take over the scattering of towns and industrial areas from the good hard working folks. In between these decrepit signs of life, are all manner of alien monsters and beasts who are more than a little willing to feast on whoever is unlucky and unprepared enough, passing through their territory. Generally speaking, Pandora is not a holiday destination.

Pandora has one last attraction though. Universally renowned for being the location of the "Vault", a campfire story based mythical alien place where, supposedly, loot and riches beyond the wildest dreams of the greediest of people are kept. Like prospectors of the old west, Vault Hunters flock to Pandora in search of fame and fortune as the one who finds the Vault, and its contents.

You are one of these vault hunters, from a choice of 4 dissimilar characters: Brick – The hard hitting bruiser. Close combat brawling are the order of the day. Roland – A no-nonsense soldier, who prefers heavy fire from a variety of weapons. Mordecai – A hunter of sorts who’s preference is sniper rifles and pistols for long and short range attacks, ably assisted by his pet ‘Bloodwing’. Lillith – A ‘Siren’, one of only six mystical females in the universe at any one time, Lilith has a range of psychic style abilities.

While each character has a wide range of traits, strengths, and weaknesses that can be upgraded as characters progress, Borderlands main focus is on guns. Lots of them. Most of the combat is done using guns from six different classes; pistol, shotgun, sniper, smg, assault rifle and rocket launcher. All the weapons have a variety of stats and rarity values, with some having special abilities. What this means is that Borderlands has 3 million possible gun combinations. Most dispatched enemies drop weapons, add to that the limited storage space in your backpack. You will find a lot of your time taken up comparing guns to pick the one that is slightly better, or more suitable, than the one you are using. This is a heavily looting focused game after all! The rest you can sell at one of many vending machines to turn a nice profit.

The story is incredibly simple and done well enough, but nothing special or surprising. There are plenty of characters to meet or fight while in your search for the vault. The characters are decent, with a couple that shine out (CL4P-TP for one) and add to the experience. Boss fights are fairly varied, ranging from bandit leaders to some particularly nasty local fauna, most of which can be replayed to help on your leveling quest. Generally the nastier the enemy, the better the loot from its still warm corpse.

The game is meant to be played co-op with up to 4 people. The difficulty level and quality of loot increases the more people you have playing. There is plenty of playing time within the base game alone, with hundreds of small side missions hidden among the main story quests. But if you are still thirsty for more, the 4 DLC’s included in the GOTY edition also add a hefty amount to the game.

The cartoony cel shading visual style used, reminiscent of the last gen shooter XIII, makes a welcome change to gritty realistic graphics. The gore flies in nice high contrasting colours, set against some very pretty backdrops of the desolate alien landscape that is Pandora.

Now the bad bits.

The game tries to cover up some seriously repetitive grinding to unnecessarily pad out play time. One instance would be receive a mission that involves collecting pieces from certain fallen enemies. Bring those pieces back to the mission start, the follow up mission is then to collect more of the same pieces from the same, but slightly harder, enemies. After a few repeats you find you are collecting whole scrap yards of useless junk over, and over again. Considering the game is quite big without this repetition, I would assume it is for the benefit of those who like grinding their way as much as they can early on, to make the later missions slightly easier.

99% of the enemies appear to have been pumped out by the Acme High Speed Cloning Machine. In a single battle you could fight over 10 duplicate enemies, with exactly the same appearance and catchphrases. It would have been nice to have some variation of their appearance as it just smacks of being a little lazy in the design process not to include some interchangeable clothes and heads.

To me the good far outweighs the bad as I enjoy a little grind.

To round up, if you do not like grinding, then this is not the game for you.

However, if you would like something other than the current string of realistic war shooters. If you are looking for something with a lot of enemies to kill, and don’t mind a few stats modifications or endless comparing of weapons just to get +2 on a damage, then Borderlands may just what you are looking for.