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"people who love the FPS genre will like this game." -

"surprisingly enjoyable if you're into retro shooters with lots of kabooms." -

Venezuela is left in a state of civil war after the government was brutally overthrown by a military coup. The threat needs to be neutralized, and the U.S can’t risk nuclear war. Work as a team to utilize the specific skills of each operative and experience the ultimate in destructive satisfaction with tons of exploding objects and an endless barrage of terrorists who are begging to be blown to hell.


  • Two-Man Tactics – Switch between team members at any time in single-player mode for maximum control, or have a friend join your game via LAN/Internet.

  • Explode Your Enemies – Levels are built around massive fire fights with a continuous stream of enemies, and tons of exploding objects littered around the level to help your cause.

  • Destroy Everything – Obliterate your enemies with explosions, demolish buildings, blow through walls and destroy almost anything in the environment.

  • Accessible Action – In single-player mode, give commands to your team mate simply by pressing or holding a single button. Concentrate on the action, not complicated menus or control schemes.

  • Puncture-Tech™ – Utilize strategic destruction made possible with new Puncture-Tech™ technology developed by Pivotal Studios. Blast open new pathways, shoot unaware enemies through walls, or create holes in your cover to generate firing paths."

Customer reviews


Probably Not What You're Expecting

ScorchingDragon | Oct. 7, 2013 | See all ScorchingDragon's reviews »

If your thinking to buy this game then you're probably looking for a Call of Duty like experience. If you are then don't buy it because this is very different. Graphics are slightly dated, sounds are fine and story is (obviously) pretty bad. Controls are very wierd on both M/K and controllers.

Gt it if you're familiar with the series but not if you're expecting a COD type game. Think of it as Army of Two but in first person.


Conflict: Denied Ops - review

carlyle | Jan. 30, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Conflict: Denied Ops reveals an interesting title, but nothing more. The arcade setting, combined with a high destructibility of the scenario and a good differentiation abilities of the protagonists, offers several hours of fun, replayable fully co-operative mode. Unfortunately remain even several defects, as a technical realization is not outstanding, an artificial intelligence sometimes coarse and some limits imposed on the player precisely because of the basic concept. We are not likely to face a must-have, but if you want a shooter pleasant and intuitive, with a structure a bit 'different from usual, Denied Ops could be for you.


Interesting game

Lippe1989 | Dec. 30, 2012 | See all Lippe1989's reviews »

This is an average game. The graphics are okay, not ugly, not wonderful. The gameplay is also okay. It is not very polished but the mechanics and the aim are good. It is not disappoint. The characters are interesting and different from each other. It is a good game to play with a partner and depending on the character that you choose the type of game will change too. Each one has a speciality. But it is interesting. The story is also interesting, nothing spetacular that changes our emotions or something like that but it is good for this kind of game. It is not a game that someone will be happy to pay a expensive price but for the price that it is I think that is fair. I strongly recommend that is more interesting to play it with a partner. The experience will be much better and will give some funny momments. With the right price it will be a good bought.


Good game

antonioli84 | Dec. 23, 2012 | See all antonioli84's reviews »

This game is not very known but it's a good game. The gameplay is cool and even simple, it's not bad. The characters are interesting because each one has a personality but not only it. The experience may change depending on who you choose to play, also because the type of weapon will change. I can guarantee that it's a very good game to play in co-op. I'm sure that the with a friend the two will enjoy a lot and have a good experience. It's not a game who buy paying a lot of money but I'm sure that the game's price is very fair for what game gives to us. I recommend.


Worth a try, if you have a friend to play with

Ezkimo | Nov. 10, 2012 | See all Ezkimo's reviews »

The game itself is, without a doubt, outdated. Graphics are semi-ok, sounds are pretty awful, but the gameplay is good, if you can find a friend. The game gets quite boring when you play it alone, but the co-op is, and always has been, the best part in Conflict-series. I've played pretty much all of the Conflict games, either on pc or xbox, and the only good thing in them is the co-op. So, to sum it all up, give it a go if you got a friend, but I wouldn't waste my money on this if your gonna play alone.