The Culling Of The Cows

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


The Culling Of The Cows is a side-scrolling shooter / tower defence game. You will take the role of Sammy, a soliloquising schizophrenic farmer with a self prophesied mission to lay waste to the disease spreading over his farm.

With his dusty old 12 gauge at his side and god at his back, Sammy isn’t going to be taking too kindly to the infectious chaos of the big city’s leaking its way out into wild country. When all the lunacy started Sammy consulted God on what he should do, and the response was. KILL THEM! KILL THEM ALL!!!!

Key Features:

  • Full Controller support

  • Fast paced action mixed with strategic gameplay

  • 40 levels of critters that need a good butchering

  • Plough your way through herds of shamblers and ravenous cattle

  • Easy to pick up and play, but gets quite challenging.

Customer reviews


Defend your base, kinda...

AkiMatti | June 22, 2015 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

So this game is really tongue-in-cheek. You play as a farmer trying to defend your farm from zombie cows. Yep. It can be entertaining to blast those cows for some time, but there are some problems with the aiming since you have to be very careful to hit them. Even though you have a shotgun, yes. It will get very frantic eventually and as such offers some tension. You can upgrade your defenses, too, which helps a lot. This is kinda on the same level as some free tower defense games on the web. A nice time-filler. Not bad, but maybe not worth an all-nighter.


Average game at best

chakad | June 10, 2015 | See all chakad's reviews »

I'm not sure it's worth to buy at this price, on the other hand your money so your consideration. The game is sort of a cross between SANCTUM style of play and basic TACTICAL GAMES only that there is no real tactics or strategy involved at all. There is no difference between enemies, there are no different methods of accomplishing the tasks, a simple and basic game. Designed for those who currently do not have anything to play.


i dont really liked it, but its a dissent mix of

napstip1 | June 10, 2015 | See all napstip1's reviews »

tower defense and planets vs zombies games, if you like those kind of games then try it. its really an average (-) game in all aspects, its nice to pass the time with if nothing else. if you plan on getting it, wait for a discount...and don't expect to much of it.


I am afraid it is kind of bad...

AJ1AJ | June 9, 2015 | See all AJ1AJ's reviews »

If you want it simply: It is bad. There is pretty much nothing else to say about it. All of the cows just run towards you over and over again, and you have to keep shooting them over and over again, and get the same upgrades over and over again. Then you get to a different level. A new cow gets unlocked. It looks more dead than the last one. So then, You shoot them over and over again, and then you get more upgrades over and over again, and then you finish the wave. The game is pretty repetitive (as you can tell from my review). It gets boring very quickly. The only good thing about it is that the cows and all the other art is very detailed and well made. The gameplay however, is just dull.


Can't wholeheartedly recommend this one

Meistrikt | June 1, 2015 | See all Meistrikt's reviews »

Let's get this out of the way: this game is pretty damn REPETITIVE. It tries to introduce new elements, both ones that help you (upgrades, assists and bullet types) and ones that do the opposite ( a whole bunch of enemies), but these additions change the core experience in such an insignificant way that it feels like the game stutters in the middle of a sentence sometimes. Game also lacks CLARITY, as it tells you very little about it's interface and what's what. This is pretty concerning, as it can lead to some very frustrating and cheap deaths ( for example: certain assists DO have friendly fire, others don't) , and every and any death results in restarting the whole level in which you just died. Tough luck, eh? The early few levels are abysmal ( you need to figure and understand a few things to get the hang of the game), there's little to no "strategy" involved, there's very little difference in the enemies you encounter, no replayability... This is not a good game, not by my standards that is. Why did I enjoy it so much then? A guilty pleasure, I was aware of every flaw, yet kept playing. After a few levels, when I actually figured out what each and every upgrade did, what the numbers meant on top of the screen and which ammo to go for ( GREEN, choose GREEN), I really started to enjoy this "subpar" title...beating every last level even. The rating given reflects my personal opinion more than ever here, as I honestly don't think it deserves this much, but can't give it lower because I genuinely had a few hours of fun with this title.