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"After playing Far Cry 2, I'm simply unable to go back to straight and simple first-person shooters. This game has executed my expectations." - PC Gamer UK

"_Far Cry 2 is nothing but brilliant. _" - Videogamer.com

You are a gun for hire, trapped in a war-torn African state, stricken with malaria and forced to make deals with corrupt warlords on both sides of the conflict in order to make this country your home.

You must identify and exploit your enemies' weaknesses, neutralizing their superior numbers and firepower with surprise, subversion, cunning and of course brute force.

Fire — Feel the heat of the most realistic fire ever seen in a video game! Use wind and propagation to surround and trap your enemies. Grab your Molotov cocktails or flamethrowers to take out your enemies.

Destructible environment — No more obstacles: Everything is breakable and alterable, even in Multiplayer mode. The DUNIA engine's RealTree technology also delivers the most realistic nature deterioration system ever.

Open world — Experience real freedom while roaming in more than 50km2 without any loading. Choose your own path in this vast environment and explore a living African world.

A huge adventure — Fight for two rival factions, and make your way up to your primary target by any means necessary. Take on over 70 side missions to earn valuable information, new weapons and vehicles.

Non-scripted artificial intelligence — Medics will drag wounded soldiers to safety. Grunts will come to fear you. Your reputation and in-game actions will make enemies drop their guns and run for their lives. Feel the tension of never knowing just how an enemy will react.

MULTIPLAYER — Challenge your friends but watch your back—you never know who your true friends are and who might betray you! All the single player technical features are also present in multiplayer mode.

Customer reviews


Great environment, good gameplay, some tedious elements

AkiMatti | May 15, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I was honestly expecting quite much from Far Cry 2. A lively representation of the African environment, modern graphics and clever gunplay. I pretty much got all that, I have to say. But I also got something I did not expect which was not so positive.

First of all, I got malaria. In the game, I mean. And it seemed to be too hard to get any medicine for that. I know there are directions for it, and I know it brings some more realism to the environment but it just isn't fun gameplay wise. I was also looking forward to sneaking a lot more, but there are quite a lot of environmental obstacles like cliffs and whatnot that make it impossible to make bigger rounds to the other side of the enemy, to discover a better angle to engage them. I would've expected Africa to give more diversity as a playground for this.

Also, it is nice how the player character takes away bullets from his legs and fixes the car and so on, but since they have limited the animation variation so much it becomes tedious to watch.

Overall, I'd say this game can be enjoyed but with caution. There are good elements to it, but there are also bad. It varies depending on the person playing whether the good outweighs the bad. In my case, they hardly did.


Great game

gforcesa | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

Far Cry 2 is a very good open world game.Ubisoft did a really good job.If you play on PC and crank up the graphics to the max it looks amazing, especially in the jungles.I like how well the car driving mechanics are done,controls are responsive and the story is good.I liked the game but the thing that probably made me rage quit at the game was that whenever i drive to a place i would get stopped a couple of times by bad guys and get shot by them.That was really annoying because it happened a lot.Other than that the game was very enjoyable for the hours i spend on it and it's worth the 15 bucks.


Good, but flawed

Gmen | Dec. 25, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Far Cry 2 is a game that is honestly a bit of a let down in some ways.

It looks good, but it doesn’t look as good as it could have – reason being because the developers insisted on using the Dunia engine, which is really just an enhanced Far Cry engine, or CryEngine 1, when they could have used CryEngine 2, which was used to power Crysis. This resulted in a game that still looks pretty if somewhat dated, especially nowadays.

The game also has seemingly no link to the original Far Cry, instead taking place on the continent of Africa, and it has you, a generic mercenary type trying to locate and assassinate The Jackal, a notorious arms dealer.

But the game comes off to me as really just a bunch of disconnected sub plots, with their own quests. The story isn't particularly compelling, and this makes it somewhat hard to stay motivated. There are some gimmicks introduced in the game like the fact that the player contracts malaria, and every so often they have to take a malaria pill. Or they have to do emergency surgery and dig bullets or shrapnel out of their arm. Or weapons rapidly rust, jam and degrade to the point where they can't be used any more. Poor design choices that were meant to add realism to the game, but only ended up being extremely annoying.

What the game has going for it is a huge sandbox style world with plenty to do, from driving, to hang gliding, to taking a boat down the river in order to launch surprise attacks on enemy encampments. This game is by no means tame. It’s just as deadly as the first Far Cry. But if you’re after something that is more like the original, and designed to be the absolute best game it can be, then you’re better off with Far Cry 3.


Amazing Atmosphere, Questionable AI

Stuman31 | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Stuman31's reviews »

I didnt like Far Cry 1 at all. I could never get into it. Far Cry 2 was pitched to me as not being in any way connected to the first. And the presentation of this game is incredible. If you fire a rocket, the surrounding trees and grass will catch fire, if you stand still long enough you can hear and see the wind blowing through the trees. Someone spent a lot of time creating the atmosphere of this game, and it paid off. You can easily find yourself getting lost in just the peaceful atmosphere the game creates when wandering between missions. What is annoying about this game is all the other choices it made. Parts of the storyline are solid, then other parts are ridiculous. Making no sense to everything else that has gone on. Worse than that the AI really takes you out of the realism the game has otherwise built. If you kill everyone at a check point, and then drive say 500m down the road and turn back, the check point will be restocked with enemies, and there is no way to remove them. If you are sitting on a hill and fire a sniper rifle, instantly everyone in the base is aware of where you are and firing at you. Basically i do still think this is a playable game. Though now it is a few years old the graphics may no longer hold up. However if you have already played Far Cry 3, it may be a hard one to come back to and enjoy, since FC3 corrects all of FC2's horrific flaws


Great graphics hampered by shoddy design choices and poor AI

rjb789 | Sept. 24, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

Far Cry 2 is a great game. The graphics are incredible and shooting the many guns feels great, you truly feel like you are unstoppable. However you spend much of the game driving over similar African landscapes in cars and this can really drag you away from the experience and ruin some of the fun. Another problem is the terrible AI. Enemies will run into walls and just not provide any challenge, even on hard. There is a large number of missions though and the world is interesting to explore.