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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Includes four copies of Sanctum - Send the extra copies to your friends!

"If you are a fan of tower defense and FPS mechanics it's definitely worth checking out."

"Sanctum is a fun first-person take on traditional tower defense" -

Sanctum is a First Person Shooter Tower Defense where you take the role as Skye, an elite soldier sent out to protect her home town, Elysion One, from hordes of mysterious alien creatures.

To succeed you have to construct and upgrade defensive structures. What makes Sanctum unique from other Tower Defense games is that when the havoc starts, you jump right into the action with your own weapons and play a key role in the defense. Sanctum has taken the best features from First Person Shooters and Tower Defense games to create something totally unique.


  • Experience a brand new mix of genres

  • Team up with a friend in co-op mode

  • Develop your own strategy and build your custom mazes

  • Play through beautiful environments with unique strategic possibilities

  • Powered by Unreal Technology, Sanctum is one of the world's best looking independent developed games

  • Coming DLC and content updates

Customer reviews


First person... tower defense

michalmichal | Aug. 5, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

Seeing Sanctum released as a four-pack inspired me to review it, as it's a great game, often overlooked in favour of more mainstream titles, which is a shame. The game is excellent (and followed up by a great sequel) and mixes two genres - first person shooter and tower defense. You wonder how is this possible? Well, in the best tower defense manner you plan and construct defenses to protect the objective from enemies. But in Sanctum you personally enter the fight and support the defenses with your own participation. Yet the best thing is that you can team-up with your friends and cooperate in order to achieve your goal. Now that the 4-pack is available, getting your friends involved should be even easier.