Ultimate Dead Space Pack (NA)

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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


This bundle contains:

  • Dead Space
  • Dead Space 2
  • Dead Space 3
  • Dead Space 3 Awakened
  • Dead Space 3 Tau Volantis Survival Kit

Dead Space

Dead Space from EA is sure to please any action-adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle against deadly aliens.

Dead Space for PC begins when a massive mining ship, the USG Ishimura, comes in contact with a mysterious alien artifact and suddenly loses its communications with Earth. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair the Ishimura's communications, but arrives to find a floating vessel that has become a complete bloodbath. The crew is mutilated and infected with an ancient alien scourge.

Clarke's repair mission is transformed to one of survival as he fights to save himself and return the artifact to the planet at any cost.

Dead Space 2

Engineer Isaac Clarke returns for another blood-curdling adventure in the sequel to the critically acclaimed Dead Space™. After waking from a coma on a massive space city known as "The Sprawl", the lone survivor of a horrific alien infestation finds himself confronting a catastrophic new nightmare. Battling dementia, hunted by the government, and haunted by visions of his dead girlfriend, Isaac will do whatever it takes to save himself and dominate the gruesome onslaught. With an arsenal of tools to dismember Necromorphs and new determination, an engineer will bring the terror to space.

Dead Space 3

Dead Space 3 brings Isaac Clarke and merciless soldier John Carver on a journey across space to discover the source of the Necromorph outbreak. Crash-landed on the frozen planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac must comb the harsh environment for raw materials and scavenged parts. He will then put his engineering skills to the ultimate test to create and customize weapons and survival tools.

The ice planet holds the key to ending the Necromorph plague forever, but first Isaac must overcome avalanches, treacherous ice-climbs, and the violent wilderness. Facing deadlier evolved enemies and the brutal elements, Isaac can choose to team up, not only for his own survival, but for that of mankind’s. Play together with a friend or go it alone as Isaac Clarke using the seamless new drop in, drop out co-op functionality. Each mode offers unique story elements and gameplay.

Dead Space 3 Awakened

Left for dead on the devastated planet of Tau Volantis, Isaac Clarke and John Carver face a daunting journey. As madness takes hold, they realize they can no longer trust their eyes or each other. Their trek leads them back to the derelict ship Terra Nova, now home to twisted Unitologists intent on transforming it into a temple of flesh and blood. The horror continues as the Dead Space saga enters its darkest chapter.

Dead Space 3 Tau Volantis Kit

Attack the Necromorph threat head on with the Tau Volantis Survival Kit for Dead Space 3. Equip Issac Clarke with military issued suits and weapons. Gear up in protective armor like the ship breaching Marauder suit from the Separatist Wars, Sharpshooter suit from the UN14 “Snake Bite” Special Ops Division, and Tundra Recon suit for expeditionary missions on the frozen surface of Tau Volantis.

Load out with more firepower with combat proven weapons like the Aegis VII Survivalist, SMP-90 Sharpshooter, and AL-9 Clearcutter “Triple Threat”. As well as new suits and weapons, included is the Bot accelerator that upgrades the Scavenger Bot to deliver faster with more resources so Isaac can craft more weapons and suit upgrades.

Customer reviews


Dead Space Pack, It And RUN!

Roydo | Sept. 10, 2013 | See all Roydo's reviews »

The pack includes everything that is dead space! i highly recommend the franchise because of its great story! in most of my reviews i make, its all about the story! and if you can keep up with the story from 1 to 3 you will poop your pants of how well it all connects! the most scary game of the 3 is the first one of course and i would say 2 and 3 are story driven, especially number 3 with that great ending! all the games are beautiful! and somewhat scary but not horrifying most are jump scares. What is great too are all the guns! pick your 2 favorite guns and your set, many different ways to kill. Dead Space 4 will indeed happen so get in on the hype before it even starts or just enjoy a great and eye popping experience from the universe that is dead space!


All in one Dead Space package

lok0812 | Sept. 9, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This package contains all the Dead Space game in the franchise as well as the DLC for the third installment. All of the Dead Space games are listed as horror action game that will do its best to scare you and it will get the job done. The first Dead Space is no doubt a scary game but the downside is that the story progression is a little slow. The second installment might be the best in the series. It is one of the scariest action game to date and the story movement is well paced continuing from the original game. Lastly the third Dead Space continues from the last game but this time the scariness kicked down a notch and the game become more of a action game instead. The newly added co-op mode for Dead Space 3 is a welcoming addition and the DLC that continues at the end of Dead Space 3 bridge the gap to Dead Space 4 as well as tell you what happened after the ending of Dead Space 3. A great franchise to pick up whether you are a horror fans or an action fans.