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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


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Wolfenstein®: The New OrderTM reignites the series that created the first-person shooter genre. Under development at Machine Games, a studio comprised of a seasoned group of developers recognized for their work creating story-driven games, Wolfenstein offers a deep game narrative packed with action, adventure and first-person combat.

Intense, cinematic and rendered in stunning detail with id® Software’s id Tech® 5 engine, Wolfenstein sends players across Europe on a personal mission to bring down the Nazi war machine. With the help of a small group of resistance fighters, infiltrate their most heavily guarded facilities, battle high-tech Nazi legions, and take control of super-weapons that have conquered the earth – and beyond.

Armed with a mysterious advanced technology, the Nazi’s unrelenting force and intimidation brought even the most powerful nations to their knees. Awakened from a 14-year coma to a world changed forever, war hero B.J. Blazkowicz emerges into this unimaginable alternate version of the 1960s. One in which the monstrous Nazi regime has won World War II, and now rule the globe with an iron fist. You are B.J. Blazkowicz, the American war hero, and the only man capable of rewriting history.

Key Features:

  • The Action and Adventure

    Wolfenstein's breath-taking set pieces feature intense mountain-top car chases, underwater exploration, player-controlled Nazi war machines, and much more – all combined to create an exhilarating action-adventure experience.

  • The Story and Characters

    Hi-octane action and thrilling adventure weaved together into a tightly paced, super immersive game narrative featuring memorable characters.

  • The History and Setting

    Set against a backdrop of an alternate 1960s, discover an unfamiliar world ruled by a familiar enemy—one that has changed and twisted history as you know it.

  • The Arsenal and Assault

    Break into secret research facilities and heavily guarded weapon stashes to upgrade your tools of destruction. Experience intense first-person combat as you go up against oversized Nazi robots, hulking Super Soldiers and elite shock troops.

Customer reviews


An incredible journey that must be experienced!

KillerKoala | Sept. 14, 2015 | See all KillerKoala's reviews »

Wolfenstein: The New Order is quite simply amazing! The graphics are superb, you'll love the characters and the storyline is great. As for gameplay, it mixes it's fair share of running and gunning (with dual wielding guns) and stealth-based gameplay. Each environment is unique with a wide variety of enemies from Nazi soldiers and armored dogs to giant robots. It even introduces a unique tool to the game that starts off as wire cutters and eventually gets upgraded to be either a laser rifle or a tool that can cut out metal plates. It's an adventure definitely worth experiencing and comes highly recommended.


GOTY, a surprisingly emotional journey

Valoo321 | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all Valoo321's reviews »

I loooved this game. The level of writing and emotions that have been injected into this game was very surprising, and the depth of character that you get from the NPCs as well as the player character was a wide-breadth. The shooting and FPS mechanics are well-tuned and fine, getting perfect shots and knowing the weapons almost comes as second nature by the end of the game. The storyline is relatively simplistic if you stripped it to the bare bones - you're a macho tough guy killing everything, working your way up to killing the biggest baddy. But like I already said (and might mention again, that's how great it was), the emotional depth of the characters is what really makes the game. The locations and environments feel varied. They're colorful and deep in art style, and after you dual-wield your assault rifles and lay waste to any opposition in these areas, you then get the chance to take a breathe and take in the scenery. Don't skip over it so fast, because the level of detail was surprising. Also within the environments is the varied level of how you can go about stabbing and shooting. It isn't HUGE, like a Dishonered style or something, but it's enough to make sure you have hidey-holes or sneak tunnels that can vary whether you take this section with knives or assault rifles and grenade launchers. If I were to point out two areas that the game falls a little would be the amount of weapons and the AI. After you get the shotgun, you've basically seen all the weapons in the game. Assault rifle is your number one, and a silenced pistol is your stealth. When it gets closed quarters, of course the shotgun is the best with only a few areas of being able to effectively wield the sniper. The AI also makes it difficult to make this game difficult. Overall, it's a pretty easy game. I played the game for the first time on Advanced (or whatever it'd be, the one above Normal), and only had a few problems in a couple of sections. There are an abundance of pick-ups if you give yourself the time to explore that ramp up your health and armor. Overall, this is a fantastic game. It's a fun, campy, and surprisingly emotional FPS that takes itself seriously in just the right parts, and then lightens the mood in just the right areas. Get. This. Game.


You get to shoot Nazis - on the moon!

storm84 | Aug. 18, 2015 | See all storm84's reviews »

For those of us growing up in a certain era of gaming, the golden age of First Person Shooters came and went already. While not entirely casting away all aspects of modern shooters, Wolfenstein: The New Order went back to basics and delivered an over-the-top frag fest, occasionally interspersed with well-crafted characters working their way through an implausible storyline. Whoever decided that they want to shoot Nazis on the moon was a genius! Apart from the occasional QTE, the action is immersive and satisfying. The levels are well-designed, and come with secrets to explore. The enemies are well balanced, providing enough variety and challenge. There's enough weapons to meet the variety of challenges, as well as give different styles of play. And perhaps most rewardingly, skill upgrades are tied to how you play the game. Many things came together just right for this game.


Exceptional Game That'll Surprise Even the Most Cynical

Farenhiet | July 31, 2015 | See all Farenhiet's reviews »

Recent old-school FPS revival games have been finding success by crafting pure bread-and-butter fast paced action filled shooting mechanics, and while The New Order is no exception it packs a surprising amount of extra juice in it. Beyond the shooting feeling as solid as any FPS you could find around nowadays, there's also some different ways to approach combat and a limited "Perk" skill system to work with it. The stealth is also not only bearable but quite enjoyable, an impressive feat in general action games. What's most important that truly sets The New Order apart from other games about shooting people in the face is its writing. The New Order is a very human narrative. Characters show up of various backgrounds, beliefs, and issues. The story does a good job at understanding and fleshing out each of them. Dialogue is organic and natural, and the tone and mood bring hefty drama and emotion whilst leaving room to joke at itself. The New Order is a great game about shooting people in the face that understands people more than plenty of games that aren't about shooting people in the face.


Mein Game of the Year

Lord_bubbles | July 23, 2015 | See all Lord_bubbles's reviews »

The glorious franchise has returned to make everything right again within first-person shooters. With the return of old-school mechanic and implementation of more modern mechanics, it creates a perfect ratio with all of the best aspects of both generations. It will have all the old school health bars and maps for the 40 year-old virgins, and a form of health regeneration and Aim-Down-Sights that college frat boys will be satisfied. Nothing says game of the year like drowning a Nazi in his own piss. Although the texture pop ins detract from the experience, its a refreshing entry into the sea of AAA garbage. (ie Thief, COD)