Anno 1404: Gold

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Customer notes

This game is known as Anno 1404 in Europe and Anno: Dawn of Discovery in North America.


"_ if a gentle and rewarding management sim with a hint of tropical sunshine is what you're after, then you won't go far wrong with this.._" - Eurogamer

In the fascinating world of ANNO the player will sink into a unique building strategy game, where he sets sail in a beautiful island world to master the tricks of trade, diplomacy and economy, building up his own monumental cities. Continuous careful and elaborate planning will help fulfill his citizen’s needs and let his empire flourish.

Discover a strange and wondrous land in the uttermost East: the Orient! This highly civilized land will provide you with endless opportunities, and with the help of your new allies, your occidental cities will prosper and become mighty metropolises!

Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery Features:

  • Build and sustain your own expansive empire
  • Explore the beautifully detailed world and discover new places to create your civilization
  • Set up trade posts in the spice mines of the Orient and explore new trade routes to keep your nation growing
  • Learn from other nearby cultures to expand your horizons and master the challenges of establishing a prosperous society
  • Developed specifically for Wii, Nintendo DS and PC audiences
  • All-new scalable 3-D engine ensures unmatched visuals, optimized for all PCs – from high-end to low-end desktops
  • Seamless user interface delivers multiple gameplay modes and faster player rewards for both long or short play sessions
  • Accessible for everyone from beginners to pros
  • Intelligent help system offers contextual hints for any situation
  • In-game encyclopedia includes illustrated tutorial filled with tips and strategies for building your civilization

The Gold edition also includes Anno 1404: Venice

Anno 1404: Venice is the add-on for Anno 1404, the acclaimed real-time strategy and simulation game released earlier this year. Anno 1404: Venice will combine the signature gameplay mechanics of Anno 1404 and the richness of the Venetian culture. In addition, gamers will now be able to play Anno 1404 with their friends thanks to the new online multiplayer mode.

  • New Venetian Setting: The rich Anno 1404 environment is complemented with a new Venetian setting offering new possibilities of interaction. Build two new Venetian ship types: the small and big tradesman cog. Develop secret cabinets, infiltrate your enemies and sabotage their expansion. Take control over enemy cities thanks to your influence in the cities’ council board.

  • Multiplayer: Multiplayer-Mode for up to 4 players or Coop-Mode for up to 8 players.

  • New Challenges and Quests: Up to 60 new items and 300 new quests with two new mission types: trading race and ship boarding. Discover and exploit a new type of island, the Volcano island. New scenarios to face new challenges with new achievements, medals and quests.

Customer reviews


A brilliant economic sim/city building game

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Anno 1404: Gold is a fantastic game. It's an economic building/strategy game, focusing on building on islands, transporting goods between them in order to meet the needs of your people so they advance and demand greater and greater treasures. There is also some combat, and whilst the ship is OK, the ground based combat is relatively weak, and certainly not it's strength.

It's main strength is its depth, with a large number of building and goods you need to manage in order to keep your people happy you'll be busy sorting trade routes and adjusting production in order to get the balance just right. There are a wide range of missions with varying degrees of difficulty, or you can just play on a continuous game to see how far you can get, how big you can build your cities.

The gold version adds multiplayer, which is a brilliant addition, allowing for up to 4 players to play on the same map together over the internet, meaning me and my brother have managed to play this whilst I'm at uni and he's at home.

If you've not played any Anno games before then this is a good starting point, if the period doesn't appeal to you then maybe the sequel Anno 2070 will :)


One of the best economic simulator

Kaspeyskis | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all Kaspeyskis's reviews »

Anno 1404 is complex game at the beginning. When you get use to it it's complexity is not an issue. Type of building single region is the same all the time principles. Anything can change you region is land scale or form. Practically as in all city building games learn the fastest way to get money and do it faster than others. Game is an excellent presentation and graphic. easy to understand missions and menu overlay. Game runs ideal with no problems. Enemies are easy to defeat if you are ready for them.


Very deep game

Arvel | Sept. 21, 2013 | See all Arvel's reviews »

This game is very deep and complete. Basically, it put you in charge of developping you own commercial nation and colonizing several islands to sustain your growth. The game mechanisms are rather simple but numerous and the campaign, albeit not very original, is a good way to discover them while having fun, but it takes a great time to master all the various tricks required to have happy citizens across the world.

The bulk of the game isn't really the campaign, but the sandbox part of the game, where you can truly build the world of your dream without any interference. There you can populate the whole map with your citizens and build a trade empire. I put an emphasis on the trade because, even if there is a combat part in Anno 1404, it is not really good and I prefer to avoid it.

So, in a nutshell, if you like to build you own cities and watch it grow, this game is for you (along with every other Anno game).


Best game in the series

darkyhbk | July 15, 2013 | See all darkyhbk's reviews »

The Anno series have never really failed, but they achieved their best with Anno 1404, a magnificent historical city builder which stays true to their formula. It is bigger, better and even more addictive than the previous games, which is a marvel in itself. The gameplay hasn't suffered from simplification, it has the same complexity which is both intuitive and difficult to master. The story isn't much, but it's a lot better than having a bunch of unrelated scenarios, as Anno 1701 did. The graphics are breathtaking, while the music is also superbly chosen and very fitting.


Probably the best building/economy management game ever

sectR | June 26, 2013 | See all sectR's reviews »

After the dissapointment with the new Simcity, I was longing for a more expansive and wide building/economy management game. After countless searches, my eyes fell upon Anno 1404.

A friend and I booted it up in a multiplayer game and started discovering, exploring and building in a grand new world. Suddenly the game does a notification after 2 hours of intense gaming asking "Isn't it time to take a break?". We laugh and keep on playing. Same notification came up again after 4 hours of gameplay. All in all, this game works great - it's slow paced which means it's very parent friendly, and a game seems like it can easily last up to 15 hours a game.