Anno 2070 - DLC Complete Pack

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Third party DRM: Uplay

This game requires a free UPLAY account to play.

Customer notes

Required the base game Anno 2070.


The DLC Complete Pack for ANNO 2070™ includes all previously released downloadable content packs for the game: The Eden Project Complete DLC Pack, The Financial Crisis Complete DLC Pack and The Nordamark Conflict Complete Pack.

The Eden Project Complete DLC Pack includes:

  • The Development Pack: Do you want to learn more about the Former technology and its inventor, Josh? Find out what happened to Josh “The Ghost” Steen and help him finish his greatest and most difficult development, against all odds. Unlock his portrait by fulfilling all the missions.

  • The Keeper 1.0 Pack: The Former technology is one of the greatest scientific achievements of all time. With the Guardian 1.0 you get access to this powerful technology without playing through the Eden Project World Event. It comes with a unique skin for the Former Technology tool as well as access to high-end upgrades.

  • The Eden Series Pack: The success of the Former technologies has been a great victory for the Eden Initiative. Celebrate their success with a new line of architecture that will bring the beauty of green tech to your cities. Included in this pack: Eden Line Hedge System (4 versions), Eden Line Park System (4 versions), Eden Line Tree Place, Eden Line Water Wall, Town Center Variation

The Financial Crisis Complete DLC Pack includes:

  • The Central Statistical Pack: Get immediate access to the Statistic Center without having to play through the World Event in-game. The Central Statistical Pack also provides you with a glamorous and exclusive skin for this economy building.

  • The Crisis Response Pack: Master two exclusive Tycoon missions to win back lost investors and attract new followers.

  • The Distrust Series Pack: The financial boom and growing consumer behavior taking place in the Tycoon cities have drastically changed consumer habits within the population. This pack brings you 10 extra ornamental buildings that will embellish your city centers: Security Fence System (3 versions), Covered City Center, Searchlight, Carousel Display, Shopping Mall Center (4 versions)

The Nordamark Conflict Complete Pack includes:

  • The Silent Running Package: This package grants you direct access to the nuclear submarine without having to fulfill all of the World Event missions. It comes with an exclusive skin and adds a dynamic shape to this brand-new weapon. The new watercraft opens up unique strategic possibilities, allowing you to launch long-range missiles anywhere, and regularly. Content included:

  • Nuclear submarine Erebos (a variation of the Orca, from the World Event), Formula: Erebos – Armor plate, Formula: Erebos – Reactor accelerator, Formula: Erebos – Optimization kit

  • The E.V.E. Package: Get access to a new red-glowing portrait of E.V.E. to individualize your profile, consistent with the Nordamark Conflict’s design.

  • The Nordamark Series Package: The storm clouds of war are darkening the world of Anno 2070™, but the new ornamentals give you the power to rule over light and darkness. The brand-new lighthouse enables you to influence the time of day for the first time in Anno’s history. Experience your metropolises in a brand-new atmosphere and enjoy fascinating light settings. Let dawn break or night reign over your island world. Additionally, there are new ways of customizing your harbors with various containers and cranes. Content included: Ornamental: Harbor Line Subterranean Cargo, Ornamental: Harbor Line Cargo-props, Ornamental: Harbor Line Gate, Ornamental: Harbor Line Lighthouse

Customer reviews


Caution! Highly addictive!

Liverpool1971 | June 15, 2013 | See all Liverpool1971's reviews »

The game alone is great, it’s a mix of city building, resource management, and mission completion. With this dlc pack I've enjoyed it even more. In my opinion the additional content is totally worth the price. You will get a few new missions, new buildings, new technology, and even a submarine. I really loved the game and I’m highly recommending it to everyone!