Anno 2070: The Nordamak Conflict Complete Pack (NA)

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Third party DRM: Uplay

This game requires a free UPLAY account to play.

Customer notes

Requires Anno 2070 (base game) to use this expansion.


In this brand new World Event, Global Trust and the Eden Initiative reach a deadlock. The conflict of interest increases and both try to win the player over for themselves. The impartial E.V.E. suggests choosing a neutral position and growing a population of diplomats to commence proceedings. Get direct access to both factions to bring peace to the rivaling parties and study a brand new weapon – the nuclear submarine.

In the course of three missions you will gain access to this powerful weapon, enabling you to fire long-range missiles from the depth of the sea.

The Nordamak Complete DLC Pack for ANNO 2070™ includes:

  • The Silent Running Package: This package grants you direct access to the nuclear submarine without having to fulfill all of the World Event missions. It comes with an exclusive skin and adds a dynamic shape to this brand-new weapon. The new watercraft opens up unique strategic possibilities, allowing you to launch long-range missiles anywhere, and regularly. Content included:
  • Nuclear submarine Erebos (a variation of the Orca, from the World Event)
  • Formula: Erebos – Armor plate
  • Formula: Erebos – Reactor accelerator
  • Formula: Erebos – Optimization kit

  • The E.V.E. Package:
    Get access to a new red-glowing portrait of E.V.E. to individualize your profile, consistent with the Nordamark Conflict’s design.

  • The Nordamark Series Package: The storm clouds of war are darkening the world of Anno 2070™, but the new ornamentals give you the power to rule over light and darkness. The brand-new lighthouse enables you to influence the time of day for the first time in Anno’s history. Experience your metropolises in a brand-new atmosphere and enjoy fascinating light settings. Let dawn break or night reign over your island world. Additionally, there are new ways of customizing your harbors with various containers and cranes.

Content included:

  • Ornamental: Harbor Line Subterranean Cargo

  • Ornamental: Harbor Line Cargo-props

  • Ornamental: Harbor Line Gate

  • Ornamental: Harbor Line Lighthouse

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