Cities in Motion 2: Marvellous Monorails DLC

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Customer notes

Requires Cities in Motion 2 (base game) to use this DLC


Marvellous Monorails introduces an all-new vehicle type to Cities in Motion 2. The monorail is a handy vehicle for inner-city connections and works best in circular lines. The pack boasts five different monorail vehicles, from the slow and large Toyoka Cybria City, to the super-fast, but high maintenance Stern-Berger Mate.   An all new mode of transportation! They are fast, attract a lot of passengers, and give your city a novelty look with their elevated rails. When a metro line is too expensive, look to construct the monorail. Build circular lines for maximum efficiency and try all of the five different monorail vehicles to find just the right one for each line.


Key Features:

  • Ness Mono

    Ness Mono is a favorite. It's very comfortable to ride and also fairly fast, so people get to their destinations quick and enjoyably.

  • Hana-Bi Challenger

    This eco-friendly monorail is attractive to passengers and quite sturdy, thus requiring less maintenance than most vehicles.

  • Toyoka Cybria City

    For long routes with many stops, this trooper is a good option.  

  • Capitol Palm

    Fast and reliable. It’s perfect for longer routes with few stops.  

  • Stern-Berger Mate

    When speed is what you want, Mate from Stern-Berger is your choice!

Customer reviews


Great DLC

silviapuiu | March 25, 2014 | See all silviapuiu's reviews »

Cities Motion 2 Marvellous Monorails is a new DLC, with great improvement for the base game. You can choose from different types of monorails, a new vehicle introduced by this dlc. You decide if you want to be eco-friendly, or to be fast or reliable. These simple decisions could help players to better understand some implications of vehicle type in a city. The graphics is acceptable, the mechanic is improved, and landscapes look amazing. I definitely recommend this dlc for Cities Motion 2, because it helps you change your playing experience. Vehicles look nice and you experience a new type of transportation.