Cities in Motion

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Developed by Colossal Order Ltd, Cities in Motion sees players develop and operate their own public transport company building a travel network across Vienna, Berlin, Helsinki and Amsterdam using more than 30 different modes of transport including buses, trams, subway trains and water buses. As each city develops and grows the player must continue to meet the ever changing transport needs of its commuters, while at the same time ensuring it remains as profitable as possible.

Featuring an in-depth campaign mode made up of 12 scenarios along with an open ended sandbox mode, an advanced map editor that allows players to create their own cities, plus much more, Cities in Motion will challenge players to create the perfect public transport system that has no cancellations, no delays and where the passengers are always happy!

Key Features:

  • Explore four different cities: Vienna, Helsinki, Berlin and Amsterdam

  • Engage in a campaign spread across 12 scenarios, as well as a sandbox mode where all campaign cities are playable

  • Realistic 3D graphics with over 100 unique buildings

  • Advanced economy simulation including contractor deals, banking, insurance and fluctuating economic trends

  • Play through 100 years of transportation history across four eras between 1920 and 2020

  • Use the advanced map editor to create your own cities

  • Choose between over 30 different vehicles based on real-life models including buses, trams, water buses, helicopters and a subway system with underground view

  • Real-time city and traffic simulation as people commute between their homes, workplace and social lives.

  • Meet residents’ travel needs as seven different social groups exhibit different passenger behaviours

Customer reviews


Fun and smart at the same time.

kubqo | July 4, 2013 | See all kubqo's reviews »

Cities in motion is one of those games, which does not make you feel dull while playing it, actually you get feeling you are getting smarter. Developers evidently put some thoughs into designing it. It is deep and user-friendly at the same time. It provides lenghty campaign, multiplayer (both competitive and cooperative) and sandbox mode. It was this game which got me excited in city building simulators.


Clang, clang, went the trolley, bye, bye, bye went my time.

TimothyD | May 30, 2013 | See all TimothyD's reviews »

City transportation networks are a part of everyday life. We all take the bus, ride the tram, and whatever else to get around to where we need to go. This game puts us in control of building and maintaining these lifeblood networks of city life. The scenario mode is challenging, but offers no time limit, and the sandbox mode leaves you free to manage the city of choice for years (game time, of course) on end. It offers something for every type of player. The graphics are superb for the time it was created, rivaling those of the modern Tropico series, of Simcity. The sound is well done, and reflects the environments you are put into. The game has a learning curb, but the game naturally keeps things on the interesting end of the spectrum to make learning feel like playing. This game is one that you'll improve at as you play. You will fail many times in the beginning, but, if you keep at it you'll find yourself designing city networks better than some professionals.


Transport Tycoon Revived!!

rie_zel | March 9, 2013 | See all rie_zel's reviews »

Back there, in old days there is only one game that have this theme, a "Transport Tycoon" it was old really old, but now in this era there is Cities in Motion, if you're transport tycoon fans, you'll be loved this ones, it has a decent graphic, lightweight, and of course this is the revived of transport tycoon that already become a legend nowadays, only lack ones factors, you need to buy all DLC for this game if you really love managing transport, and it'll be way challenging.


Fun game

georgecopos | Feb. 26, 2013 | See all georgecopos's reviews »

It is a very neat game but needs that extra push to be great.The game should have included road and highway infrastructure. You can build train tracks why not new roads? Also cities should be dynamic and evolve as you play. If one area is right next to easy transport around the city or to certain parts of the city the area should reflect that through high demand and growth. I love the idea of a game only based on mass transit but that does not mean that cities can not develop around your decisions.

Don't let this stop you from playing it is really a one of a kind game for a niche only touched in simulation games like sim city, just know that the concept and limited control you have will get old, fast. Sure you can build cities first and build the roads then but in game you are stuck with train lines, subway lines, ferry lines, and bus lines (and the helicopter which is pretty much just a shuttle) in a cities that even if 60 years go by will not change a bit no matter what you do.


Great, Deep Strategy - Iffy Engine

Squiffy | Feb. 1, 2013 | See all Squiffy's reviews »

NOTE: This game's engine was built in an era where people played games on powerful single-core processor computers. As such, it does not get the most power out of modern multi-core processors that sacrifice individual core speed for combined power. This game's bottleneck will likely be your CPU speed (GHz). Modest laptops will likely struggle, but any modest desktop or modern laptop will probably have no problem.

REVIEW: Cities in Motion is a superb game for any strategy enthusiast. I'm no hobby train man or anything of the sort, but I've always enjoyed a good building simulation, and figured I'd give it a shot.

Depending on campaign settings and DLC, you will start a map in the early days of public transit, and thus the city you're playing in will be less built-up than modern day. As more technology unlocks, and depending on how your various routes perform, it can affect the way residential and commercial areas of the city grow over the decades.

It's definitely a game of nuance and micromanagement and lots of patience. It can take a long time to see large-scale route creation help out your riders, as they will have to learn to adjust their routes to compensate. As your routes provide more reliable service to a wider audience, you will see road traffic shrink, meaning faster service.

However, throwing too many buses on a line will cause problems, as your buses often slow down traffic. Learning how and where to place your stops and adjusting your routes and vehicles over the years to accommodate emerging traffic patterns keeps the game interesting. A series of missions as you play help guide your transit system to the future and reach high-demand areas.

I definitely recommend grabbing as complete a pack as is available if you can luck out on a sale, or at the least, try out the core game first. There isn't a lot of excitement to it but if you're a fan of SimCity games, the Anno series or others that have little or no combat, it's worth a look. You may just end up hooked!