Create Your Own Model Railway Deluxe Edition

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Build your own virtual model railway and watch it come to life in stunning 3D. No other software makes it as easy to create your own highly detailed tracks, stations, tunnels, towns, roads, level crossings and scenery. Ideal for railway enthusiasts of all ages, the only limit is your imagination!

Create your own model railway in minutes!

  • Design complex railway layouts
  • Construct detailed landscapes
  • Control realistically modeled trains

PLUS! This 2-in-1 pack includes:

  • Wild West Edition
  • Over 50 sample layouts

Customer reviews


The game? Pretty darn good... but...

Jegas | March 27, 2015 | See all Jegas's reviews »

Be careful... the main game here is version 1.3, but you also get the western kit (which is fine except navigation is pretty rough compared too....) THE SAME EXACT SOFTWARE as the "Create Your Own Model Railroad" but VERSION 1.5 and its called Rule the Rails. (And the navigation is better. So you lose cabooses, indians, horses, some steam engines and dated buildings and stock if you go Rule the Rails) Note i found the file formats between all three are different in case you thought you could move your layouts around the different versions for kicks...nope. I love Rule the Rails - its this, without the west - but easier to navigate. Charming programs though - they both look awesome to me - not picture perfect graphics - no - fun graphics! :)


Great for the kids (and big kids)

haggis | July 18, 2012 | See all haggis's reviews »

My 6 year old lad is into his trains, so I bought this train simulator to play along with him. It's basic enough that he can understand it but there's also enough variety and depth to keep us both busy designing new layouts. The graphics are nice too. Recommended for lads and dads!


Basic and Fun

Mondu | Sept. 3, 2011 | See all Mondu's reviews »

Create Your Own Model Railway is your generic train simulation game allowing you to create your very own railway to your liking; adding turns and multiple tracks through basic landscapes and towns you design. The game is more restricted and simple than other train simulators and feels more like it was designed for those who wish to have a model trainset at home but are unable to. Unfortunately the variety is very limited. Only a small selection of sounds are used and so I quickly found myself turning the sound off rather than listening to the same train noises over and over. The graphics aren't great but they aren't terrible either, there's something about them which makes them friendly and warm. If I was to improve the game I would add more DLC to provide different types of trains and add modding tools so users can help create content. It's a shame the game lacks both of these things. It's not a bad game by any strech but I don't believe the £10 is justifiable. It's a fun game while it lasts but it can become boring quick.