Farming Manager

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Third party DRM: Other

Playfire Client required to download and play.


In Farming Manager your recently deceased grandfather leaves you his ramshackle old farm and it’s up to you to whip it back into shape. Take on the challenge and follow in your grandpa’s footsteps.

Key features:

  • Employ personnel, purchase new buildings, vehicles and fields

  • Rear dairy cattle to increase your earnings and ultimately restore your farming venture to its former splendour,

  • Invest in new tractors, machinery, cattle sheds, silos, alternative energy, fields, building plots and storehouses

  • You’ll need to keep a constant eye on your revenues and expenditures

  • Renovate and expand your own house

  • Adapt to the seasons and manage your fields optimally taking soil quality, meteorological effects and pest and mould infestations into consideration

  • A talent system to boost your ego by unlocking talents to give you the edge in the game

  • An animated 3D mentor, complete with voice, shares the secrets of agricultural success with you

  • Deal with random events such as gambling debts, inheritance, tax and vet bills and keep a level head

  • Invest in new equipment and property to expand your farm

Customer reviews


simplistic management game

aderek79 | July 23, 2015 | See all aderek79's reviews »

My biggest gripe with the game is that it auto pauses at certain points and is very often impossible to un-pause so that you must save, exit to main menu and load the game to continue playing. The game is very simple rinse and repeat formula that would work well on a tablet for people who do not want a complex game. The game mechanics are clicktastic, click the field, click the activity you want, click and drag the worker/equipment to the box, and finally click OK. Practically everything in the game is done by clicking with the mouse. You can move the camera, rotate buildings when placing, or open the map with the keyboard. All other menu based activities (read all other activities) are mouse based. This would not be so bad if they implemented keys to close to to accept, close, or tab between menus. This is especially annoying when trying to sell crops or check prices as with these menus one has to be closed before the other can open. I found it to be not nearly as good as Farming Giant. It did however, only crash once in 12 hours of play. Farming Giant would CTD at least every 30 minutes for me.