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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


In Farming World you’ll own and run your own farm tending a range of livestock and growing crops on rented fields. As you progress, you’ll earn money from selling your animals and harvest at the market which will enable you to then purchase land and machinery to expand your business. Like any farmer, you’ll also need to manage buildings, vehicles and your farm workers as well as a dairy and butchery.

Key Features:

  • Grow over 40 crops including vegetables, cereals, citrus fruits, nuts, berries, pomes and drupes.

  • Rear sheep, pigs, goats, cows, chickens, ostriches, ducks, horses, geese, turkeys and rabbits and attend to each one’s specific needs

  • Play against AI competitors

  • Operate a range of machinery for watering, milking, cheese production, pasteurisation and for the packaging of your products

  • Make sure you harvest before bad weather and irrigate before droughts

  • Sell your goods at market and your own farm shop at the highest price by storing them whilst the price is low

  • Buy the most fertile fields before your competitors do

  • Increasing difficulty levels see bank lending rates rise higher, weather less predictable and wholesale prices lower

  • Feedback allows you to make informed agricultural and commercial decisions

Customer reviews


Not worth the pain

penfold82 | Dec. 17, 2014 | See all penfold82's reviews »

Although I've only played this game a few hours, I've decided to give up. There is just too much that is not explained in this game. The only guide or manual of any kind is on Steam (it's too short to be a guide really) and is not in English. There are bits and pieces of useful information around but not enough to help you get into the game. The tutorial has a few bugs and it seems to be random as to which one you will encounter. Although there is heaps of information available in-game concerning the requirement of crops and the current conditions you have, it is difficult to see how these come into play. I've found the campaign mode frustrating because of the lack of useful information or useful information in hard to find places. This game has heaps of potential but until there is a manual or a comprehensive guide, I feel that it is not worth the time as there is nothing to encourage you to keep playing. The music and sound is okay and there's nothing wrong with the graphics but there is nothing that makes you want to plough through the painful task of working out if you've done something wrong or if it's just a bug. I recommend passing on this game. For me it scores 40 until there is some comprehensive help or guide.