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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Goat Simulator is the latest in goat simulation technology, bringing next-gen goat simulation to YOU. You no longer have to fantasize about being a goat, your dreams have finally come true! WASD to write history.

Gameplay-wise, Goat Simulator is all about causing as much destruction as you possibly can as a goat. It has been compared to an old-school skating game, except instead of being a skater, you're a goat, and instead of doing tricks, you wreck stuff. Destroy things with style, such as doing a backflip while headbutting a bucket through a window, and you'll earn even more points! Or you could just give Steam Workshop a spin and create your own goats, levels, missions, and more! When it comes to goats, not even the sky is the limit, as you can probably just bug through it and crash the game.

Disclaimer: Goat Simulator is a completely stupid game and, to be honest, you should probably spend your money on something else, such as a hula hoop, a pile of bricks, or maybe pool your money together with your friends and buy a real goat.

Key Features:

  • You can be a goat

  • Get points for wrecking stuff - brag to your friends that you're the alpha goat

  • Steam Workshop support - make your own goats, levels, missions, game modes, and more!

  • MILLIONS OF BUGS! We're only eliminating the crash-bugs, everything else is hilarious and we're keeping it

  • In-game physics that spazz out all the time

  • Seriously look at that goat's neck

  • You can be a goat

Customer reviews


Funny, great for killing some time

SirHeroTheBrave | July 14, 2014 | See all SirHeroTheBrave's reviews »

This game is great fun to show off, and just chill. This is more of a time eater game though, while it is fun and funny. It is more for when you have nothing to do and don't feel like you want to be committed to one game for a good while. Or maybe you only have 10-15 mins and have to go somewhere. This is a great game though you should really pic it up a lot of workshop items and stuff.


One of the most hilarious games out there

diekatze | July 11, 2014 | See all diekatze's reviews »

Don't expect much genuine quality, you're just a floppy goat exploring the world. There are glitches in the game, and it can get laggy, but if you're looking for a few hours of goat fun, this is the game. You can fly around on jetpacks, set people on fire, turn into a ragdoll and flop around, and even become a demonic goat. The game is full of easter eggs and hilarious comments (when you make too many things blow up, you get the "Michael Bay!" achievement). If you want a simple, silly and hilarious game Goat Simulator is one of the best ones out there.


Fun for a few hours then...pure stupid

DragosLoL | July 10, 2014 | See all DragosLoL's reviews »

Goat Simulator will entertain you for a while with its stupid and crazy mods and environments but after a few hours, it really dies down. I attempted to 100% the current updates, doing the achievements and finding all the mods and easter eggs. But you start seeing the same things over and over again. Not to mention that the intentional bugs make you realize how terribly developed the game actually is. Plus, there isn't much variety in the steam workshop for this game. Most workshop mods are just skins and it's hard to dish out content because of how buggy this game is to work with. It's a fun game, don't get me wrong. It just won't last you more than a week.


Really great but it still has some problems...

CARLEST | July 1, 2014 | See all CARLEST's reviews »

This game is super-duper funny. You can be a goat, blow up gas stations, lick people, be devil or angel and play flappy-goat. This game is best game when you're really bored. It is buggy, but this is how it was meant to be. I really wanted to play it an enjoy it but I just couldn't. I tried and tried but it was impossible for me. I have better PC than the minimum requirements are but I still can only play it on tweaked settings, which are under lowest, resolution of 640x480 and still get 6 FPS. Many of my friends have really really great PCs and still can't play it because of low framerate. So buying this game is really risky, because it can be super awesome and funny or super laggy. I would recommend it if you have spare money and time to find fixes if your framerate is low.


Not nearly all it's cracked up to be

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

Goat Simulator is a humorous and fun experience for anyone who wishes to play it. For the first 15 minutes, that is. After that, it becomes a lazy developer's lame attempt at creating a game solely for the purpose of people on youtube to play it.

The game is terribly optimized for graphics that are nothing to write home about, and Goat Simulator can easily be beat in an hour and a half. Once the original thrill of playing as a goat wears off, you'll be wondering why you bought it. Only consider buying this game with a steep discount, and even then, there are better things to spend your money on.