The Good Life

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Like so many, Derek Hales is fed up and is dreaming about ditching the nine-to-five lifestyle. When he learns that his late uncle made him the sole heir of Carpe Diem Boats, a boating company on the tropical complex of the Jo Jo islands, he does not hesitate for a second. A new life awaits! After a long voyage, he and his striking girlfriend Michelle Joyce finally arrive at their destination, enjoying the beautiful sunrise, with a Boating Company of their own. Compared to the dull office life, this new life looks much better. Finally but suddenly, life is good!

Key Features:

  • With an array of luxury vessels at your disposal, take on various missions across ultra-realistic tropical waters, in order to make your fortune.

  • Experience vast, beautiful tropical locations, with more than 50 harbors and dozens of diverse places to explore.

  • Become an adept skipper and progress across 6 different ship types.

  • Realistic weather conditions and 24hr day/night cycle.

  • Seek treasures in the deep, rescue people from drowning, avoid pirate attacks and become rich and famous!

  • Use your earnings to build your commercial empire, buy and sell properties in this tropical paradise, progress from sun beds, beach houses and bungalows, to restaurants, villas and even hotels.

  • Play against 9 other NPC Skippers who compete for business against you, become the best skipper, earn more money and become the ultimate tycoon of the JoJo Islands!

Customer reviews


Unique mix resulting in nice relaxing game :)

piokielar | Dec. 5, 2015 | See all piokielar's reviews »

The Good Life is small, but very enjoyable game that combines in unique way elements of Sims-like life simulation, ship simulator and economical strategy. You play as heir of small travel company in exotic corner of the world and you have to expand your company by meeting expectations of your clients. During play you will able to use 6 different ship categories - from simple boat-taxis to luxury yachts. Each ship controls are very different so there's good amount of variety in this aspect of the game. Beside ship part of the game you will have your life simulation - interacting with clients in various ways - each client will demand something different and unique forcing you to perform different actions and interactions. UI for this part of the game is minimalistic thou, so most of the time, while your actions may differ, all that need to be done to perform them is a mouse click. Then there's economical strategy part of the game - when there's no clients around you will have to gather money in different ways - for example by buying and selling real estates. This part of the game while fun is not very big and complex, so if you're mainly looking for economical strategy - look for something else. If you're looking for relaxing and unique game in general thou - choose The Good Life and you're gonna have a Good Time :)