Handball Challenge 2014

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Handball fans will finally be able to test themselves, gamepad in hand, thanks to the first simulation offering 20 national teams and 80 teams from the most prestigious leagues: The Ligue Nationale de Handball (France), the Toyota Handball-Bundesliga (Germany), and the Liga Asobal (Spain).

You can also create your own players, make up a team, and participate in national leagues and international tournaments, or compete against up to 3 of your friends in a quick game.

Key Features:

  • Three game modes:

    Classic league play: compete for the national title with teams from the different licensed leagues

    Quick game mode

    Customised league play: create your own players, team, and even tournaments

  • Choose from among 80 teams in the 3 official national leagues in Spain, Germany and France or pick one of 20 national teams

  • Take on the role of the best players in the world, including Luc Abalo and Dominic Klein

  • Adapt your attack and defence

    Audio commentary by handball experts

  • Slow motion so you can watch the best plays over again

  • A wide variety of movement: 8 types of shots, 4 types of passes, and a variety of defensive actions

Customer reviews


OK Experience

PikuVava | April 9, 2014 | See all PikuVava's reviews »

As a fan of handball I really looked forward to this game, the result was pretty much what I expected. Handball Challenge 2014 Offers great atmosphere and several different teams from different leagues and real-like commentary. And that's about it, gameplay is extremely buggy and stuttering, sound effects aren't fluid at all and yet the "real-like" commentary even feels like the commentator is extremely bored, like made with google translate and says obvious and weird things in random places. Sound quality is really bad. Animations and models are really rough and it makes the game really annoying to play when hands and ball aren't in any kind of synchronization. This is great idea, but lack of resources and knowledge ruined this game without mentioning the price. Still if you're hardcore handball fan and you wanna get control of your favourite team, yes, you can buy this. In some places bugs are fun and the slow motion replays adds great ability to watch the most epic/weird goal.