High School Dreams

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


You’re the new girl in town and it seems that everywhere you look there are boys! Sporty boys, funny boys, talented boys, good looking boys, intense boys, nerdy boys…

Pluck up the courage to talk to them and get to know them, see if they have the same interests as you, dress up to look your best, get invited out on dates, talk to your friends at school and spill all the juicy gossip, learn who’s in and who’s out.

Is it just a bit of fun or could it really be true love?

  • Create and dress your own unique character.
  • Explore key locations including the high school, shopping mall and park.
  • Date a variety of unique boys, from the popular Jock to the Chic Geek.
  • Go shopping at the mall; purchase new clothes and make-up.
  • Play a variety of fun mini games including Dancing, Mini-golf and Ice Skating.

Customer reviews


A great distraction on boring days

cherrycola487 | Jan. 4, 2015 | See all cherrycola487's reviews »

If you're into casual games, dating sims, mini games and fashion this is the game for you. It's fun, silly and a great time killer. However the game is pretty buggy and glitchy at times, there is no save button so you have to rely on the auto save feature to save your progress and hope that the game doesn't crash before it saves (this game crashes and momentarily freezes often). As long as you're not expecting a game as refined at The Sims 3 from this dating simulator you will not be disappointed because it has a lot of fun aspects to it and fair enough deal of customization and individuality built in. My biggest qualms is the price, this game is worth 3$ or less in my mind not 5+ especially when the resale value is a mere 10 cents.


Love this game

FancyPantsy | Jan. 4, 2015 | See all FancyPantsy's reviews »

This game is really fun, I can't tell if it's satire or not but either way its really fun to play and has pretty good jokes as well as hilarious ways the game just works (ex. "I lost my ball in the maze"). What I ABSOLUTELY HATE about this game are all of the glitches and bugs and CTDs it had. Other than that this game is fun... It would be nice to be able to skip cut scenes though and that decorating the room had some impact on the game. The characters have some depth and are interesting instead of just being different types of pretty faces. I only finished Benny's ending.


i love it

2002HIGHSCHOOL | Dec. 27, 2014 | See all 2002HIGHSCHOOL's reviews »

I really love it and cant believe people don't play it I've played it before but at a friends lots of drama and super sassy its worth the money and may glitch but auto saves so that's a good thing I hope u guys like this game cuz I did I found this game on my recommend section on youtube I watch kpopp play it and some other youtubers that have this game


Always Enjoy These Kind of Games!

iZombieLexxi | Dec. 19, 2014 | See all iZombieLexxi's reviews »

This game is pretty fun. It kind of reminds me of the Bratz game for DS Lite I used to play when I was younger. The graphics aren't TOO amazing but the game is still all-around FUN!


Fun Nostalgia

Whitey28 | Nov. 6, 2014 | See all Whitey28's reviews »

This game brings me back to a 90's sitcom where you are the protagonist new girl making her name in a new high school. Full of fun stereotypical high school characters; the jock, the cool kids, the nerds, the prankster; this game If you have always wanted to control the destiny of the protagonist, this game is for you. You can be the next mean girl, or be the nerdy self-conscious new girl, or the sporty confident person. Create your identity in the high school of your dreams. I highly recommend this game. The price is amazing for the amount of hours you can play this game for.