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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Please Note: This is an Early Access Title


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Asteroid Redirect Mission

Kerbal Space Program is a multi-genre game where players create their own space program. In KSP, you must build space-worthy craft, capable of flying your crew out into space, without killing them. At your disposal is a collection of parts, which must be assembled to create a functional ship.

Key Features:

  • The Vehicle Assembly Building and the Space Plane Hangar allows players to build spacecraft out of any imaginable combination of parts.

  • Fully-fledged, Physics-based Space Flight Simulation ensures everything will fly (and crash) as it should.

  • Take your Kerbal crew out of the ship and do Extra Vehicular Activities.

  • Fly out to Moons and other Planets.

  • Procedural Terrain delivers detailed terrain at a vast scale. The Kerbal Planet is 600km in radius!

  • Mod-enabled, allows players to create new content and modify the game.

  • Ship systems. Keep an eye out for engine temperatures and fuel levels, and try not to explode.

  • Build ships with multiple stages, and jettison parts away as they burn out.

  • Full control over the ship’s setup allows for complex ships and advanced functionality.

  • Dock spacecraft together to build Space Stations, Massive Starships, or even surface bases on other worlds.

  • Manage your crews.

  • Research and Develop new technologies to advance your Space Program.

Customer reviews


One of the best early acess games i bought so far

dolsson94 | July 26, 2014 | See all dolsson94's reviews »

Then i first saw this game i was like wtf is this and then bought it cheep at a steam sale and first i dident understand a thing about it and it quite often ended up with the rocket exploded dude to poor design but after a lot of failed launches i finaly got the hang about the game.

since i bougth kerbal space programs thay have added a lot of stuff like the campaign mode where you have to research the diffrent parts with the science points you get for doing contracts and just collecting data about the environment around in orbit or on the diffrent planets.

shour it got some strange buggs and gliches that havent been fixed (get) but its an early acces game and for beeing that its runs realy good by my oppinon its realy worth buying if you like this kind of games


Infinite Possibilities

884okeoJ | June 30, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

Kerbal Space Program is one of those games where you aren't given a certain objective, you're just let to figure out what to do on your own. The brick wall of a learning curve this game has can be daunting, but that makes your achievements so much more meaningful.

While some games have hollow milestones you can reach, getting into orbit or landing on the Mun make you feel like you've actually accomplished something. There is also a treasure trove of mods available for this game, with most adding extra realism. I'm not usually one for simulator-esque games like Kerbal Space Program, but this particular game is truly something special.


Dreams come true, but brain doesn't follow

Gosen | June 17, 2014 | See all Gosen's reviews »

This game made my dream come true. Finally flying from planets into space and backwards. Not to mention building spaceships with such a freedom. What a customization, what a great sandbox it is. It's even possible to make a plane and fly over the planet.

Graphics is not bad, it has been improving over the months and having in mind that game contains entire solar system it would be hard to make graphics like in Crysis, but it is what is - fair enough. Unfortunately the game itself is hard and tutorials are somehow lacking. I couldn't do much in this game, barely escaping gravity of main planet and then drifting in space. I couldn't understand how to control rocket in space and how to get to any other planet or moon, not to mention building functional rocket itself is hard as hell. I would gladly welcome more explanations and tutorials in-game to have more fun from it, but other than that it is what I was always dreaming about (maybe a little easier than now) and keep in mind it has been still improving.


Who doesn't love the Kerbals!?

hildegain | May 16, 2014 | See all hildegain's reviews »

It'd be hard to list every single thing I love about this game, but I'll try to list some of the things I love the most.

Exploration on a scale so vast it's just amazing that it's Indie! I don't know how many other games allow you to build your own physics driven space-craft, have you learn how to perform orbital maneuvers AND have an entire solar system to explore!

Ship-Building - We all love to build things. This is basically Lego with rocket science. Sure, the aerodynamics and the systems management is rather elementary at this point but it works great.

Planets - So many planets to visit. Challenge yourself by transferring from one orbit to another in record time. Try to make a round trip from Kerbin to Laythe and back again!

Replayability - With the advent of career mode (and mods) this game just oozes with replayability. I've sunk more hours into this game than I dare to calculate. Every time I think I've done everything; people have challenges to beat, updates are released, new mods are created and a new idea just springs into one's mind.

Crazy - It doesn't matter what you can think of. Don't think "that wont work, it's a space sim". If you want to build a submarine, a sea-plane, a bomb or a battle-mech! Go ahead, you can do it!

As far as the negatives, the only downside I can see (and it's a big one) is the engine. For such a physics heavy and huge 3D game, Unity is certainly not what I'd consider as the 'go-to' engine in this case. As a result, it does have some load-time issues, it does get some incredible lag when physics gets to the point that unity just doesn't know how to handle it anymore and the development has suffered a lot of set-backs due to unity related errors.

Anything wrong with KSP at this point, I can't really attribute to the developers. They're doing such a good job and this game is still rather early in its development. The guys at Squad have a lot of content lined up and you can tell they're having fun with it, as are the community.

Go to Squad's website and try out the demo, if you find what's there to be at all to your tastes (even if you currently don't think so, just go and try it), then buy it!


Addictive, fun and appeals in many ways

verdegheata | April 28, 2014 | See all verdegheata's reviews »

This is the game for all that played with lego :) The fun part is that you also get to drive them.

You can invest an hour building the most sophisticated spaceship and than spend 10 seconds watching it explode on the launchpad.

You will than spend two hours watching in disbelief that you can get to the Mun and back in the ship you built just as fun.

You will have kerbals on the mun and on solar orbits that you plan to eventually rescue. (And you will strand more while trying it)

In conclusion it might be the game that I enjoyed the most, ever!