Monument Builders - Statue of Liberty

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Discover the New York of yesteryear and take part in the building of the iconic Statue of Liberty in Monument Builders: Statue of Liberty. Produce the metal and wood required to keep the building site functioning, improve the roads to quickly transport materials to the job site and watch the statue evolve in real time as you progress through the game! You'll manage your workers, your productions, and your vehicles in order to meet key objectives. But be careful! You'll have to get rid of the crooks on the roads, secure your site against thieves and trade with local and foreign merchants to make sure you get your work done. Race to complete the Statue of Liberty on time in this historical time management game!

  • Over 50 levels to conquer
  • Manage your workers and resources
  • Learn facts about the Statue of Liberty

Customer reviews


Easiest in the series

tzarinakatarina | Oct. 11, 2013 | See all tzarinakatarina's reviews »

Monument Builders is a series of games which are supposed to provide fun and education to the player. The Statue of Liberty is the third installment in the series, and it follows the same path as the previous two games. It's a resource management game, just like these city builders we all know. You need to prepare the place for construction, build materials, hire workers, and so on, in order to create the monument that is the goal of the game. This part is easier than the previous two, so it may be a good introduction to the series if you are not familiar with it. And with like 50 levels to play, you will surely prepare yourself well for the more difficult Monument Builders games.