Police Force

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Third party DRM: Securom

Playfire Client required to download and play.


Police Squad offers the opportunity to experience law enforcement like never before! Battle on the front line of crime as you take command of the policing for a thriving city. Emergency calls come thick and fast, dynamically generated to put your organisational skills to the test.

Dispatch units in civilian clothes and organise uniform patrols to keep the city safe, in a huge open world, complete with night and day scenarios and changing weather.

Your traffic officers will need your guidance to deal with serious accidents, setting up radar speed traps, or hunting for car thieves. Whilst the routine of city life continues, your specialist teams will come to the fore, dealing with everything from bank robberies, to a hostage crisis, to murder!

As in any large city, public order is of paramount importance and your officers will be called to deal with outbreaks of disorder where your decision making skills are critical to keeping the peace as you hold the thin blue line!

Your police teams are fully equipped with the latest in modern equipment, including handcuffs, high speed response vehicles, radios and firearms. Yet, the greatest aid is the quick thinking of a resourceful commander!

Your successes will be rewarded with promotion as you climb the ladder of over 40 ranks and strive to receive 15 special honours in a custom career mode where only the finest officers will make the grade!

Customer reviews


A budget title that strives to be unique

Cooberstooge | Sept. 18, 2012 | See all Cooberstooge's reviews »

There are a multitude of police themed games out there nowadays, thanks to the piles of cop dramas and whatnot that take up so much of prime time television lately. Most strive to be something memorable, but few succeed in that quest - Police Force is one of the few that does it right. The graphics in this title are, admittedly, pretty bad. Strange textures and weird choices of lighting have a nasty habit of making structures appear as though they're made out of cardboard, and cars like those pieced together from odds and ends out of a scrap yard. Sounds are adequate, but what little voice acting there is was done quite well - the authoritative lilt most of the actors seem to have been going for was well-executed. Controls are good, and the layout for the keys as chosen by the developers works just fine. As for the game itself, it plays out mostly like a management simulation, although there is more interaction here than one would expect. Rather than just receiving text-based reports only, one can choose to visit most scenes through an over-the-shoulder type of view. It's always fun watching people getting nabbed for speeding, or a standoff during a bank robbery. This is definitely a game to get, so long as you don't mind foregoing uber graphics for some solid, enjoyable gameplay.