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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.


"SimCity is a near-perfect fusion of the classic simulation game with modern social and online play elements. It is in every way the fully realized evolution of the franchise and a much welcome iteration, perfectly engineered to dispense the maximum amount of fun in the most efficient way possible. It is highly addicting, but there are worse things to be addicted to. Just be sure to set an alarm." -


The defining city simulation is back! Create the city you desire and make the choices that shape your city and power the Sims within it. Every decision, big or small, has real consequences. Invest in heavy industry and your economy will soar—but at the expense of your Sims’ health as pollution spreads. Implement green technology and improve your Sims’ lives while risking higher taxes and unemployment. Team up with your friends to solve global challenges: launch a space shuttle, reduce carbon emissions, or build magnificent wonders. Compete on global and regional leaderboards to be the richest, the dirtiest, the happiest or the best place to visit!

Key Features:

  • The new Single-Player Mode allows you to play SimCity anytime, anywhere, without the need of an active Internet connection.

  • Constructible Worlds - Creative and customizable world that offers unique gameplay benefits, all with a fun tactile interface.

  • Sims Matter - The Sims in your city speak to you directly and it’s up to you to respond to their needs. Will you listen and be the toast of the town? Or abuse your power for fame and fortune?

  • Specialize in What You Love - Mold your city as a casino resort, manufacturing hub, educational enclave, and more, and then watch as a unique look and feel spread throughout your city.

  • Multiplayer - Build a region with friends for the first time! Collaborate or compete in regional and global challenges and make decisions that impact the greater SimCity World.

  • GlassBox Engine - SimCity introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once.

Customer reviews


Roguh start but still great

lok0812 | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

If you have been playing SimCity 4 for almost a decade and still looking for a sequel for the next SimCity series then look no further because SimCity got everything a SimCity fans need in this game. Although the game had a rough start due to the always online requirement caused a lot negativity but overall it is still a very solid SimCity game. In this installment there are many things added to the game like pollution, city interactions, citizen demands, and best of all multiplayer. Players can group together and aid each others city like different types of services or goods. Overall, a great installment and improvement for the SImCity series.


Great Game

freyjasfuryz | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all freyjasfuryz's reviews »

I grew up playing simcity and remember back in its real early days, I was so pumped when this game rolled out and couldn't wait to building cities. The graphics on this game is amazing along with the amazing new structures and how you can upgrade buildings. However with everything good there is bad. The only thing in my opinion that isn't good is the fact of the land you choose is so small. You really can't expand your city past the borders. You can have multiple cities in a region and they can have sources that the other city would need. This is a great idea if you plan on playing with other people that can help build the region together. If you play this alone you will find that this feature is tedious and end up just annoying you. I play the game from time to time if I want to pass the time.


Good Remake

CappinCanuck | Nov. 12, 2013 | See all CappinCanuck's reviews »

A fairly good re-make. That is to say, fairly good now. The majority of bugs and mechanics that made this game unplayable or un-fun have been patched out. I'd say it's finally time to take the plunge. While the maps may be small the new mechanics of persistent units are fun. A lot of the AI cheating with regard to the units have been fixed but many still remain to alleviate congestion -- i.e. your citizens still go to the first available house. The experience is good now though for those looking for a nostalgic Simcity experience.


Horrible Experience

BozotheCat | Sept. 27, 2013 | See all BozotheCat's reviews »

Very buggy game. I lost multiple cities after saving and coming back the next day to a city i could no longer access. Traffic problems were very poor due to bad AI. The game at its core could have been good but too many game breaking bugs. Couldn't trade between cities or contribute to great works. Buses from other cities would clog up my city and never leave.


Can be lots of fun with friends

BubbaGump2k | June 22, 2013 | See all BubbaGump2k's reviews »

The idea of playing with friends running cities together is great, it hasnt always worked out but they have recently released a patch to help fix that. So you can share resources and stuff and work towards a big group project...its very fun when it all works out