The Sims 3: Into the Future (NA)

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Third party DRM: Origin

Please note that the free third-party service, Origin, must be used to activate this title.

Customer notes

Requires The Sims 3 (base game) to use this DLC.


Fire up the Time Portal and send your Sims to their most exciting destination yet: a whole new world that exists hundreds of years in the future! While they are there, your Sims can build their Advanced Technology Skill in order to get the most out of future technology. Whether your Sims are cruising around on their hoverboard or jetpack, traveling via monorail or tube elevator, or trying out attractive futuristic hairstyles and clothing, there’s a whole new world to experiment with and explore. Create and customize Plumbots with Create A Bot, add them to the household, and program them with a wide variety of trait chips that will alter their behaviors! Jump between present and future worlds at will, and experiment with how your Sims’ actions in the present can have surprising effects on their own legacy, their descendants, and even the way of life for future Sims!


  • Take Your Sims to the Future! For the first time in The Sims franchise, you can play with life in the future! Enter the Time Portal and take your Sims to a new world that exists hundreds of years in the future where they can explore a whole new way life.
  • Experiment with Future Technology. Witness how new technologies for entertainment, transportation, or the home will reinvent the way your Sims eat, sleep, travel, socialize, work, and have fun. Your Sims can learn how to use this all-new technology in the future and take their Advanced Technology Skill back to the present to get the most out of these objects there!
  • Change Life in the Future. Your Sims’ present-day actions will lay the groundwork for their future legacy. Your Sims can even meet their future descendants and change their destinies by actions taken in the present! With opportunities to alter the fate of the future, will your Sims strive to create an ultra-utopian society or a world of chaos?
  • Tell New Stories with the All-New Create A Bot. Build and customize a variety of Plumbots and add them to your Sims’ household! Create unique trait chips that you can then use to program your Plumbots. With the ability to hold up to seven trait chips, these Plumbots are bound to act and behave in surprising ways. What would happen if you combined the Robonanny and Sinister Circuits chips?
  • Buy and Build the Homes of the Future. Futurize your Sims’ homes with holographic TVs, easels, plants and computers, and zip between floors through tube elevators. Install automatic-sliding doors, peaceful rooftop gardens, and glass floors and walls to give their homes that perfect futuristic touch. The home of the future is whatever you want it to be!
  • Play with a New World Set Hundreds of Years in the Future. Zip across town on the monorail or strap on a jetpack and fly around with friends! Visit all-new venues like the future shopping plaza to browse and purchase the latest gadgets and apparel from a variety of interactive pedestals. Enjoy a delicious synthesized meal served by Plumbots in the outdoor café. Take on futuristic careers by becoming a Plumbot dealer or a renowned astronomer at Stellar Observatory. Or, go way out to explore the vast wasteland – who knows, your Sims might find rare relics and perhaps clues as to what happened to the ocean!

Customer reviews


Should be awesome, but...

TheArcticFox | March 9, 2015 | See all TheArcticFox's reviews »

Now, I bought the disc rather than buying it from this website, but I hope this still applies. The futuristic neighborhood is beautifully designed, as are the various gadgets and furniture that it comes with. The Bot-Making skill seems intriguing enough, and I like how present actions affect the future as well. This is probably one of the most interesting Sims 3 expansions out there, IF it weren't for the game crashing seconds after I enter Oasis Springs. And as far as I know, this is the only thing that does crash my game- The Sims 3 works great so long as I don't go time travelling. The longest I lasted was actually a few minutes- I met a future descendant and tried a bit of future tech before the game abruptly closed without saving. After updating some graphics drivers (which fixed an issue with fire in Skyrim), I noted no improvement. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else. but all I can say is that it wasn't worth buying an "Into the Future" expansion in which you can't actually go into the future.


Robots, Holograms, and jetpacks!

uglies | June 7, 2014 | See all uglies's reviews »

This is by far one of the best expansion packs out there. You are capable of going into the future and using the highest technology known to sims. You can travel through jetpack or construct your very own robot. Television/canvas/computer, all have hologram screens. There is also a broad world of endless possibilities and careers, you can create a dystopian or utopian society based upon your actions.New clothes, hairstyles, and goals are a major plus too!


Blast Into The Future!

Matthew_Lumie | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Matthew_Lumie's reviews »

This expansion is unbelievably amazing.So many new/exciting things to do in this and i haven't even begun. You can make your own robots & you can make the future colorful which is so beautiful! I really enjoy the new musical instruments. Lots of items you can change the light colors for. The jetpack's are amazing xD its so cool flying around to different locations, You can even use a hover-board like back to the future 2 :D If you like sci-fi/futuristic things and just wanna have hours & hours of fun and wanna explore an awesome new world with new/fun/exciting future gadgets and much more i say buy this! You will not regret it & will be happy to have purchased such a pure awesome expansion for the already fun/awesome game The Sims 3.