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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Combining elements of arcade simulation and strategic management, Taxi! puts you in control of an up and coming cab firm based in any one of three 3D cities. You’ll begin with a rundown old taxi, picking up passengers and fulfilling a variety of dispatch missions until you manage to muster up enough cash to upgrade your cab and invest in new vehicles.

Choose your staff wisely, while one driver may be expensive to hire they are less likely to take risks which will end in a collision catastrophe that’ll see you picking up the costly tab at the local garage. Each driver will excel in a particular area but some may be less experienced so you’re not going to want to risk one of your fully upgraded cars on an inexperienced driver that is more likely to prang the vehicle into an unidentifiable mess of metal.

Each of the three cities, based in America, Europe and the U.K includes its own unique cars and will require you to consider what side of the road you’ll need to drive on. Be cautious of potholes, oil slicks, peak time traffic and speed bumps as you seek to deliver your passenger to their destination in a timely manner.

There are a variety of obscure missions that you’ll need to complete that will include impatient passengers encouraging you to break traffic laws to get to their destination quickly and precariously balancing luggage on the roof rack of your taxi.

Key features:

  • Crashes will cause your taxi cab to dent

  • Hire taxi drivers

  • Purchase new vehicles

  • Upgrade vehicles

  • Day & Night cycle

  • Weather effects including fog and rain

  • Penalties for badly maintained vehicles

  • Speed bumps and potholes

Customer reviews


A Good Taxi Game/Simulator

GeoffAussieSpy | Aug. 26, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

The driving is alright and the game mechanics are great. I love having the idea of being a taxi driver and just driving people around for money. And that's why I really like this game and enjoy it! It's actually not repetitive and is loads of fun. I could play for a long time and still enjoy it! I really recommend this game to anyone who is interested in playing a game like this and having that great feeling of earning something like money in a video game. I would always want to be a taxi driver in gta and just drive people around, it's fun, to me. So I hope this game gets more great people trying it out. It's a lot of fun! I've enjoyed it a lot so far and I'm still playing through it. They could've added more to it though, but I'm fine with it, the way it is. It's a pretty decent game with hours to play through!


Taxi Sim

adrianching7 | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all adrianching7's reviews »

This game "Taxi" is basically a Taxi driver simulation with the ability to hire other drivers to help out with your business. That is also precisely why I love this game so much. A lot of my time is spent looking for ways to earn a profit off things and this was able to get my cravings away for a bit. The driving is experience is ok so I guess this game could be recommended to money loving gamers like me :)