The Oil Blue

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The Oil Blue is an indie action sim set in the near future where you explore the world's oceans in search of oil, landing on abandoned refinery islands and reclaiming them under the watchful eyes of a major energy company.

Once you land on an island, you have a set amount of days and oil production targets to hit during your stay. Fire up those old drilling machines and start making oil underwater, watch the oil barrel market and sell at the highest price, repair machines and do it all within the time you’re given…or your employer, the United Oil of Oceania corp., will boot you off the island for a better crew. Sell more barrels to achieve higher ranks and perks, upgrade your machines, and conquer the ocean!

  • Hours and hours of gameplay as you move from one island to the next, with all content on each island being randomly generated for a unique experience each time you play.

  • A thorough tutorial that’s fast and easy to get through.

  • A 50-level ranking/XP system that rewards players the longer they play, as well as unlockable extra content.

  • A unique storyline that’s set in the near future, and incorporates the recent oil disasters and the consequences thereafter.

  • Simulation aspect with a hands-on approach ensures a fast and chaotic burst of gameplay as you drill for oil while watching the oil market, upgrading and repairing machines all within eight minutes (or one day of in game time).

  • Original music by Jonathan Geer, with artwork by Sara Gross. Game by David Galindo.

  • DRM free.

  • Colorblind option available.

Customer reviews


Try it

shockedfrog | Jan. 28, 2013 | See all shockedfrog's reviews »

The Oil Blue is a love it or hate it kind of game, and in contrast to the previous reviews, I'm in the former camp. I found the gameplay to be a fun and fresh twist on the time management genre, and the game's style is full of charm, especially in the background and interface. The machine graphics may not be as impressive, but that's in keeping with the game's style - it's an oil drilling machine, it's just meant to be functional. The soundtrack is wonderful and everything together creates an atmosphere that will appeal hugely to some players, myself included.

The game is not without its flaws, of course. The gameplay is not particularly well balanced and while the initial difficulty is good, in the later stages the game starts getting easier (not through skill, but through overpowered upgrades) and unless you set your own challenges, the only thing left to do at that stage is to grind out the last few levels. However, I consider this to be a must-play game, already an enjoyable experience and one which is likely to inspire a truly brilliant game in the future. As always, if in doubt, try the demo.


Unique but disappointing

Harjyot | July 20, 2012 | See all Harjyot's reviews »

The Oil Blue has an interesting premise and it is a truly unique game, but it simply fails to live up to its promise. The visuals are not impressive and neither is the sound, and the gameplay is hard to grasp and simply not very exciting, even when you start understanding the mechanics. As a minigame collection, it fails to go above other titles in the genre, and there are simply better minigame collections, though none with this setting. This game could have been a pleasant surprise, but as it stands, it is a disappointment. I have a hard time recommending this title.



ruready12 | July 20, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is not good at all and feels completely generic. The graphics are just awful and a computer from 1997 could play this game. The gameplay is boring and repetitive and for some reason Strategy First tried to implement a level system. Needless to say the level system failed completely and the scenarios are extremely short. The music is probably the only decent thing about this game. I would not recommend this game to anyone.