Thief Gold

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Sneak through the shadows of 15 treacherous missions including haunted cathedrals, subterranean ruins, and forbidding prisons.

Stalk your prey on the quest for stolen goods with your blackjack, sword, and an assortment of unique arrows. Steal for money and uncover the hidden agendas of your allies and enemies as you play through an unravelling story of deception and revenge. Survive in a world where shadows are your only ally, trust is not an option, and confrontation results in death!

Key Features:

  • Pioneering stealth based gameplay brings a new dimension to first person action.

  • THIEF™ GOLD includes THIEF™ THE DARK PROJECT (12 huge missions with multiple environments) and the GOLD update (3 new campaign missions which deepen the plot and add five new types of enemies)

  • Advanced enemies can see, hear, speak, and sound alarms.

  • Your arsenal includes: blackjack, sword, fire arrows, water arrows, rope arrows and more

Customer reviews


Great stealth, outdated though

jmods5710 | Aug. 19, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

Thief is probably one of the best stealth games ever made. It is a linear game but you have different ways of killing your enemies, using different items. People often look at the original Thief games when comparing stealth games, and for a good reason too. Unfortunately, by today's standards, the game looks VERY VERY ugly, and some controls feel very much like they came from the 90's, which is when this game was released. If you played it back then and want some nostalgia, then sure, buy it. If you don't care much about graphics and want to play an excellent stealth game, sure, buy it. But if that isn't you, then I cannot recommend this game. It will be too hard to enjoy for you. Keep in mind my rating is by today's standards.


The Grandfather of Stealth Games

884okeoJ | July 4, 2014 | See all 884okeoJ's reviews »

One of the best PC games ever made, Thief is an incredibly satisfying experience for stealth fans everywhere. The non linearity of each level allows you to approach beating it from so many different angles. You can also decide if you want to take down guards, or simply slip through the level unseen, without being detected.

The graphics haven't aged well, but that can be said for most games made in the early 3D graphics era. The soundtrack is excellent, and the voice actor of Garrett adds dry humor to the game. Thief is a must play for any stealth game lover.


Read this to get the most out of Thief Gold!!

DarthMRN | Feb. 11, 2014 | See all DarthMRN's reviews »

Thief Gold is perhaps the best Stealth title you will ever play. If it is beaten, it is only by its successor Thief 2, and there is simply no consensus on which is better.

You are placed in a huge, open-ended level with enough verticality, depth and complexity that you can can and will get lost in it. Multiple paths to your objectives. A host of trick arrows and tools, along with a climbing system sophisticated enough to let you climb and jump on pretty much anything, lets you tackle this non-linear level however you choose. The possibilities are endless, and the replay value great.

Each such level is connected by beautiful narrated openings, strung along into a series that starts slow, but builds into a gripping and occasionally frightening storyline that you are unlikely to ever forget.

However, my fellow reviewers have said all there is to say about this game already, so the above core features aside, here is why mine is an essential review: The game has two flaws to a modern player: Graphics and climbing physics. The former is obvious and to be expected, the latter simply an annoyance that mars and otherwise stellar game. But there is a remedy. Mods.

The first mod is TFix, which is essential. Do not try without it. It fixes the graphics a little, but more importantly fixes the climbing, turning this game into a primitive Mirror's Edge. Along with some stability fixes for modern systems.

The second is the Thief Gold HD Mod. Not essential per se, but even fans who played on release must admit the game looks pretty bad by today's standards. With the HD mod, however, it looks positively gorgeous! If your only reason to stay away are the ugly screenshots, here is your remedy. Doesn't require a monster PC either, like some HD mods do.

Buy! You will not regret it, if you like simulation or stealth in your games.


A pioneer of the genre

Gmen | Nov. 28, 2013 | See all Gmen's reviews »

In the 1990’s most of the popular games were first person shooters. While this game takes place from the first person perspective, the gameplay therein is almost a complete departure from what one is used to.

There are no guns – the closest you have in terms of weapons to firearms is a bow with several different types of arrows, which you can use to, among other purposes, set things alight, douse torches, or put guards to sleep with. You will also rely a lot on sound to determine where noise is coming from so you have less chance of running in to an enemy – but this works both ways. You need to make sure you don’t make too much noise or risk giving your position away. You also need to keep to the shadows and stay in the dark as often as possible. This is in stark contrast to most FPS titles, where you can make as much noise as you want and you'll still stand a fair chance against the enemy. Here, combat often doesn't favour you – and that could have something to do with the sluggish controls, but I digress.

The graphics in this game were never one of its selling points, but the AI is still frighteningly intelligent to this day. Couple this together with hauntingly atmospheric missions and excellent sound design, including an ambient/electro industrial type OST – not too dissimilar from the work of Trent Reznor – and you have a unique title that many have been inspired by but few have been successful in emulating.

You should have no problem liking this game if you like stealthy titles. If you’re more into Call of Duty, avoid at all costs.


While a little rough around the edges, still a masterpiece

Un0va | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all Un0va's reviews »

Thief Gold, like its flawless sequel, is one of the best games to ever enter the stealth genre. Full of tension, secrets, and conspiracies, this is one game that no stealth fan should miss out on. Compared to Thief 2, it suffers one significant flaw - the game has several levels that focus more on action, or simply aren't as magnificent as the other levels, such as Cragscleft. It offsets this with levels like the Sword, but they're still there. Regardless, this is still a flawless game that you should play.