Thief Gold

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Third party DRM: Steam

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Sneak through the shadows of 15 treacherous missions including haunted cathedrals, subterranean ruins, and forbidding prisons.

Stalk your prey on the quest for stolen goods with your blackjack, sword, and an assortment of unique arrows. Steal for money and uncover the hidden agendas of your allies and enemies as you play through an unravelling story of deception and revenge. Survive in a world where shadows are your only ally, trust is not an option, and confrontation results in death!

Key Features:

  • Pioneering stealth based gameplay brings a new dimension to first person action.

  • THIEF™ GOLD includes THIEF™ THE DARK PROJECT (12 huge missions with multiple environments) and the GOLD update (3 new campaign missions which deepen the plot and add five new types of enemies)

  • Advanced enemies can see, hear, speak, and sound alarms.

  • Your arsenal includes: blackjack, sword, fire arrows, water arrows, rope arrows and more

Customer reviews


Still the pinnacle of stealth

sycomantis1991 | May 27, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

I really don't care how dated this game looks, it was great for its time. Also, the lighting is still done very well, which is a key component to the game. You can sneak around literally anyone and into anything you want if you know what you're doing, or you can knife every fool you come across. It adds a high level of reputability. On top of that, the levels are sprawling and gorgeous (again, taking the tine period into account, but impressive either way) and the controls are precise and fluid. This game is well worth picking up, especially considering how often it goes on sale.


Still As Good As It Was Years Ago

emptyhaven | March 11, 2015 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

This game is more than a decade old and yet it still stands the test of time. The graphics and sound are still good, despite the advances we've made. They're not better than what we have now, but they still work well for the game. Also there are mods that allow you to improve on graphics. Levels are massive, and for a game like this, it is perfect. The levels feel fully explorable and you don't feel trapped. You will have to be very observant to collect everything. This is an incredible classic that should not go unplayed. You owe it to yourself to play it.


Basically an Assassins Creed Prototype. But still good.

Delta998 | Oct. 30, 2014 | See all Delta998's reviews »

It's like Assassins Creed, but you get to steal treasure. You can use all kinds of weapons, and items to kill, or distract your enemies. Like putting out fire with an water arrow. And fight off zombies in another level.


Old, but great game

Varfik | Oct. 26, 2014 | See all Varfik's reviews »

The founder of the stealth genre. Favorite game, take away pereprohozhdeniya months and years of love. One of the few games that has become a benchmark in the art igroproma. Rare case when nepovtoimy plot that thirst to absorb again, echoes the fun gameplay, and technical support height incarnation and to this day remains unsurpassed. Despite the fact that the years go by, and the schedule according to modern criteria already looks archaic, perfect technical level in the processing of sound and outstanding talent in music writing, convey enchanting gothic atmosphere of the game to this day. Perfect zvuchenie and awesome music to the soul in this game - is an irresistible vertex standard that no one else was able to beat. As for the gameplay, today hardly anyone surprised by the opportunities that this game provides, but the attention to detail of the game mechanics, to this day, can compete with the best and AAA big budget projects. About the story will not spread much, not because it is unlikely you will be surprised what is likely to turn, but because I do not have enough vocabulary, and patience, told all his dignity and give it depth. Especially, I would not want to leave spoilers. I will mention only the main points of what this narrative - the intersection of the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution, progressive religious cult HAMERITOV pent conservative dogmas, secret society KEEPERS, spy on everything that is happening, the ancient cults of pagan, fighting for survival and containment of inexorable progress Closed Community magicians, cultivating knowledge of poetry, a ruthless police, the greedy king of the underworld, as well as zombies, monsters and dozens of other secrets that require a thirst quencher like your interest. This is a game that for the overall development - is obliged to pass each.


It's Garrett!

Obsessor | Sept. 29, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

Thief - it all began 16 years ago. First person stealth game. After playing the first mission I was overwhelmed with the genius of developers. Later on, when I got to explore caves, ancient temples, ruins full of monsters and undead I was less happy. I wanted "pure" thieving experience. Without the need of dodging burricks and zombies. Still the game has amazing story and gameplay. That made me stick to it till the end. Gold version features few more missions - set in "normal" environment. The gameplay itself, well... As I stated - it's a stealth game. You have to avoid enemies at all costs, taking them down only when necessary and disposing of all evidence, unless you want to bring a dozen of searchers upon your head. Killing is loud and messy. Your victims will cry out and leave pools of blood that alert their comrades. The blackjack is your best friend if you need to take someone out. Stun a person and remove the unconscious fellow to a secluded place. When you face monsters like zombies or burricks it pays to just stay undetected. Undead can be destroyed only with holy water. Burricks can be killed, but they are very tough and better left alone. Thief is an old game to be sure, but it works very well on modern rigs. What's more - there are fan made HD mods that make the looks of the game quite enjoyable. So, all things considered, this is a must have for any game collector - history, and still enjoyable history! at your disposal.