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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.

Customer notes

Requires the base game Train Simulator 2014 on Steam in order to play.

Please note: This DLC can only be redeemed in the US.


Spectacular scenery and large sweeping curves through the Rocky Mountains are just some of the features of Marias Pass, available now for Train Simulator. 

The 152 mile Montana route was first charted by the then principal engineer of the Great Northern Railway, John Frank Stevens, in December 1889. It proved to be an ideal route for a railroad with its wide valley and gentle gradient, meaning it would not require extensive excavation and multiple locomotives would not be required to haul freight up its incline. 

The Pass reaches more than 5,200 feet (1,580 metres) at its summit and forms the southern edge of the Continental Ranges, a major grouping of the Rocky Mountains. Starting out at Shelby, the route winds up and through the flat farmland and open plains before heading into the mountain range through narrow canyons and vast pine forests alongside the Flathead River. Passing through Cut Bank and Browning, the route reaches the summit just after Marias, before descending through Essex and Columbia Falls to Whitefish. 

The route is famous for its spectacular bridges, and these are accurately depicted alongside other features including mountain snow sheds, the silo ‘Dalek’ at Browning, Belton Lake, the concrete Penguin at Cut Bank, a large marshalling yard at Whitefish, industrial facilities throughout the route and the 13 mile branch line to Kalispell. 

Also included with the route is a GE ES44 DC locomotive in BNSF heritage livery and a Burlington Northern EMD SW1500 switcher, along with new BNSF 50ft box cars and lumber cars, and several reworked freight cars in BNSF and BN livery. 

Marias Pass is a stunning Montana route through some of the most picturesque mountainous settings with its unique challenges of driving long, heavy freight trains up and down the wide valleys and gentle gradients.

Eight scenarios for the route: 

  • Engineer Training Advanced 

  • Engineer Training Basics 

  • Blackfoot or Bust 

  • Cold Meat 

  • I’m a Lumberjack…. 

  • Shelby Grain Assembly 

  • Wood from Kalispell 

  • Hauling the Harvest Grain

Key features:

  • Full 152 mile Marias Pass route from Shelby to Whitefish 

  • 13 mile branch line to Kalispell 

  • Spectacular mountainous scenery, bridges, pine forests, snow sheds, silo ‘Dalek’ and Cut Bank Penguin 

  • Multi-aspect and junction colour light signalling 

  • GE ES44DC in BNSF livery and EMD SW1500 Switcher in BN livery 

  • New 50ft box car and lumbar car in BNSF livery 

  • Several reworked freight cars in BNSF and BN liveries 

  • Scenarios for the route 

  • Quick Drive compatible 

  • Download size: 1,500mb

Customer reviews


Familiar route to Train Sim fans

vipe_1 | Dec. 4, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

The Train Simulator: Marias Pass route add-on for TS 2015 may look familiar to you. Fans of the previous Microsoft Train Simulator will remember this route as a centerpiece of that game, and now the route is available again. The pack includes the route, appropriately skinned locomotives and rolling stock, as well as some new units and scenarios. This route is long, and provides a lot of content for the money. Scenery is well done, the views are fantastic, and overall this familiar route has never looked better. Scenarios are fun and worth the effort, with the entire length of Marias Pass being a long haul through varying terrain. All content included is useable in other modes, like quick drive. Fans of American railroading, particularly modern diesels and currently operating areas of the U.S. should pick this up. If you're an old fan of MSTS, in will be fun to be back in Whitefish again.