Tropico 5: Mad World

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Third party DRM: Steam

This game requires a free Steam account to play.


Is this madness? No, this is Tropico! Find new ways of disposing unwanted opposition to your regime by installing the asylum, including straight jackets, isolation cells, electroconvulsive therapy and more!

It’s time to enter the rabbit hole and see how deep it really goes. Are you still reading this? Feeling a little dizzy? Don’t be afraid, we have already reserved a special place in the asylum for you. . . .

Key Features:

  • New standalone scenario: “Madness” – Face your psychosis and get professional treatment

  • New building: The Asylum – Provides health care and reduces negative effects of discrediting citizens

  • New dynasty avatar accessory: The Funnel Hat makes you look super serious

  • New sandbox map: St. Dimpna

  • New music track

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