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Customer notes

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"Wings of Prey manages to offer up experiences that will appeal to fans of arcade action and authentic flight models." -

"The incredible intensity and vividness of Wings of Prey's dogfights is built on the authority of its flight models, the verisimilitude of it graphics and the quality of its bandit AI" -

Wings of Prey is based around the large-scale aerial combat and ground military operations of World War II. Players can participate in some of the war’s most famous battles piloting fighters, battle planes and bombers across a range of thrilling missions. There are six theatres of war to engage in – The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Ardennes, Berlin, Sicily and Korsun' representing the main airborne battles of World War II in Europe.

Wings of Prey also boasts an all new damage effects engine as well as advanced environmental visuals enriching the game play. Wings of Prey features hundreds of airplanes taking part in air battles. The unique environmental engine also produces highly detailed, realistic landscapes that allow players to see breathtaking ground support actions.

Key Features:

  • Authentic World War atmosphere: Cutting edge technologies with highly detailed visuals bring the epic battles to life;

  • Engage in more than 50 missions from famous historical battles over Eastern and Western Europe;

  • Historically accurate aircrafts: Experience over 40 planes including fighters, battle planes and bombers. Learn to master Spitfire, Mustang, Messerschmitt and many more;

  • Flexible difficulty level system: from arcade to realistic simulation;

  • Downloadable content support: more planes and missions are coming next year;

  • Support of 6-DOF TrackIR, TripleHead2Go, Saitek and Thrustmaster joysticks, mouse and voice headsets;

  • Thrilling multiplayer: 4 game modes to choose; VoIP, lobby game system, leaderboards, friends lists, join-in-progress and host migration features provide great experience;

  • Realistic sound effects and original music from Jeremy Soule.

Customer reviews


Flying light, with plenty of action

vipe_1 | Dec. 3, 2014 | See all vipe_1's reviews »

Keep in mind that Wings of Prey is no true flight "sim." It's rooted in historical environments and aircraft, but is really made more for action and the physical act of destroying enemy aircraft.

The game looks very nice, though maybe a little overprocessed. Performance is actually very good, even on a medium range PC.

As was stated before, the game is best an action game, one that requires more than just spraying bullets, but isn't an in depth simulator with historically accurate missions, physics or feel. The game is fun and forgiving for those that want the fun of flight and action, without worrying about stalling out or learning the precise characteristics of their aircraft. Joysticks work great, but the game is happy enough with a controller or other control options.

If you want a light combat game without a lot of hassle, Wings of Prey will do that. If you're a newbie that hasn't played a flight sim, and want to "ease" into the genre, Wings of Prey can be a terrific and accessible game to get you started.


Solid arcade flight sim for softcore fans.

Mikester7 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all Mikester7's reviews »

Wings of Prey adds a modern accessible WW2 combat flight sim for people that do not want hardcore realism. Adjustable realism settings helps the game from becoming too arcadey, but in the grand scheme of things, it still fails to be that much of a true simulator. Seekers of maximum realism may want to steer away and continue playing the original IL2 WW2 Combat flight sim.


Excellent Game!

NoLove3827 | Jan. 22, 2013 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Awesome graphics, awesome sound, good balance of sim and arcade. Excellent all around.

Can't really think of much bad about it. Absolutely reccomended for anyone, so addicting shooting the enemy planes down.


Wings of Prey

maciej2601 | Sept. 11, 2012 | See all maciej2601's reviews »

Wings of Prey is rooted in World War II flight simulator, manufactured by specializing in this genre Gaijin Entertainment company. Players can get behind the wheel of the most famous fighters and bombers of the period. Developers took care of the careful reproduction of details of individual machines, but also a realistic representation of the air battles.


Awesome simulation packed with action.

ruready12 | July 31, 2012 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is simply amazing. The graphics are as real as it can get, and the sound effects are as realistic as it can get. The multiplayer is fun but there is usually little to no people playing it, so don't expect it to be easy to find a co-op partner. There are tons of missions and loads of planes to fly that make this game a truely enjoyable experience for any simulation fan. This game is a must buy.